Xpeng launches XPILOT 3.5 semi-autonomous driving features

A new Xpeng P7 car is shown in the Xpeng Motors flagship retail outlet in a procuring mall. Xpeng P7 is one particular of the two preferred types of Xpeng motors.

Zhang Peng | LightRocket | Getty Images

GUANGZHOU, China — Chinese electric powered automobile begin-up Xpeng produced updates for its semi-autonomous driving system as its appears to be like to up its challenge to Tesla in China.

Xpeng introduced XPILOT 3.5, the latest version of its sophisticated driver-assistance process, or ADAS. This refers to a driving program method with some autonomous attributes but in which a driver is continue to needed.

With XPILOT 3.5, the company will be launching a feature called Town NGP, which stands for navigation guided pilot. The method lets Xpeng’s automobiles to change lanes, speed up or slow down, or overtake cars and enter and exit highways. Beforehand the system was made just for highways, but now Xpeng will be releasing this characteristic for driving in towns.

XPILOT 3.5 will be readily available to house owners of Xpeng’s P5 auto, which was launched this 12 months. The enhance will be rolled out to customers in the to start with fifty percent of 2022.

Xpeng also declared facts of the subsequent-generation ADAS known as XPILOT 4.. The enterprise reported that it has upgraded the components that will electric power XPILOT 4. and will consist of attributes such as motor vehicle change-on to assisted parking.

XPILOT 4. is slated for rollout in the initial 50 percent of 2023.

XPILOT is Xpeng’s rival to Tesla’s ADAS termed Autopilot. Competitiveness in China’s electric auto market proceeds to heat up. Automakers are searching to launch features and automobiles to differentiate themselves and stand out in what is turning out to be an ever more crowded industry.

Xpeng also introduced a new charger for its autos. The organization suggests that with just five minutes of charging with the new charger, the car’s battery will have a variety of 200 kilometers.