Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Gallery | Dogs, weird stuff, bikes and more

The Woodward Desire Cruise, while largely complete of American muscle and American vintage cars, is also entire of the odd and odd. Frankly, there is no predicting what folks have concealed absent within their garages, so viewing them out and about on Woodward is often a blast. This year’s version that runs amongst Ferndale, MI and Pontiac, MI just wrapped up, and we have anything you might want to see from the cruise in our mega galleries.

Beyond the bizarre and odd, this Aspiration Cruise mega gallery is full of all the bikes, pet dogs, and anything at all else that may well not in shape in an easily described bucket of American classics or imports. You will see a lot of epic Donks, minimal-riders, scooters, mopeds, bikes, unicycles and basically everything else in among. Woodward on Desire Cruise day is an everything goes sort of working day. It’s aspect of what will make the party so particular and retains us coming back again each individual solitary year.

Of training course, we’ll have other galleries with the classics, exotics and international cars and trucks of the day. In addition, there’ll be a full mega gallery total of vans this year. Click on by means of previously mentioned to get a few laughs and/or “awes” in as you consider in the oddest and cutest points we observed cruising along Woodward Ave.

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