What Is the Cheapest Car Insurance in Mobile, Alabama?

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If you are looking to find the cheapest car insurance in Mobile, Alabama, it helps to start with information about the required minimum coverage amounts for all Alabama drivers. Specifically in Alabama, you must have at least 20/40/10 coverage, which means you have at least:

  • 20: $20,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person.
  • 40: $40,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident.
  • 10: $10,000 in property damage liability.

    Even though these are the minimum requirements, the auto insurance website The Zebra recommends:

    • Upgrading to a 100/300/50 policy for enhanced protection.
    • Purchasing 20/40 of optional uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.
    • Purchasing $2000 in optional medical payments coverage.
    • Purchasing optional comprehensive and collision coverage.

      Review this guide to find the best prices for your coverage needs.

      Average Auto Insurance Costs in Mobile, Alabama

      AutoinsuranceEZ.com reports that while Alabama drivers pay a monthly average of $174 for auto insurance, drivers in Mobile can qualify for rates of about $38 per month depending on the type of vehicle they drive, their credit score, and their driving history.

      Cheapest Auto Insurance in Mobile, Alabama by Company

      According to The Zebra, drivers in Alabama pay an average of $1358 per year for auto coverage, just below the $1427 average for drivers in the United States. Bankrate reports that Travelers Insurance offers the most affordable coverage for Alabama drivers, with an average premium cost of $67 per month or $799 annually. The company also boasts the highest possible A++ user satisfaction rate, discounts for keeping a clean driving history, and price breaks for driving an electric or a hybrid vehicle.

      The second most affordable policies, on average, are available from Cincinnati Insurance. This company charges $68 per month or $820 per year. It has an A+ user satisfaction rating and a Superior financial strength rating.

      USAA, available only for current and former members of the military and their families, has the third most affordable auto insurance policies for Mobile drivers. The insurer charges an average of $76 per month or $913 per year. USAA has a Superior financial strength rating, an A++ user satisfaction rating, and a J.D. Power and Associates score of 5 out of 5.

      WalletHub reports that these companies offer the cheapest average monthly auto insurance policies for Alabama drivers:

      • Allstate: $77.
      • Auto Owners: $78.
      • Country Financial: $53.
      • GEICO: $46.
      • Nationwide: $68.
      • Travelers Insurance: $63.
      • USAA: $65.

        These are the companies with the most affordable average annual policies:

        • Allstate: $921.
        • Auto Owners: $940.
        • Country Financial: $640.
        • GEICO: $553.
        • Nationwide: $819.
        • Progressive: $1219.
        • Safeway Insurance: $1123.
        • State Farm: $1034.
        • Travelers Insurance: $761.
        • USAA: $787.

          MoneyGeek gathered data about the most affordable companies offering full coverage insurance for Mobile drivers:

          • Country Financial: $1380 annually.
          • GEICO: $1216 annually.
          • Nationwide: $1206 annually.
          • Travelers Insurance: $1378 annually.
          • USAA: $1378 annually.

            For research purposes, the website gathered quotes for a hypothetical 45-year-old unmarried male with good credit and a clean driving history. The figures above are the yearly average costs for a 100/300/50 liability policy and comprehensive and collision coverage with a $500 deductible.

            Best-Rated Mobile, Alabama, Insurance Companies

            The Zebra compiled data about claims satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates and financial strength from AM Best for car insurance companies serving Mobile:

            • Cal Casualty received an Excellent financial strength rating.
            • Cincinnati Insurance received a Superior financial strength rating.
            • MetLife, State Farm, Travelers Insurance, Progressive, Allstate, GEICO, and Country Financial have a 3 in claims satisfaction and a Superior financial strength rating.
            • Farmers Insurance, Safeco, and Liberty Mutual have a 3 in claims satisfaction and an Excellent financial strength rating.
            • AutoOwners and USAA have a 5 in claims satisfaction and a Superior financial strength rating.
            • Nationwide has a 4 in claims satisfaction and a Superior financial strength rating.

              Cheapest Mobile, Alabama Auto Insurance with a Traffic Violation

              WalletHub reports these average annual auto insurance premium rates for drivers who have speeding tickets or violations:

              • Country Financial: $528.
              • GEICO: $449.
              • Nationwide: $619.
              • Travelers Insurance: $654.
              • USAA: $567.

                After an arrest for driving under the influence, you’ll find the best average annual insurance rates from:

                • Allstate: $865.
                • Country Financial: $702.
                • GEICO: $841.
                • State Farm: $732.
                • Travelers Insurance: $758.

                  Usually, rates will increase for three to five years after a traffic violation, but shopping around can help you save even without a perfect driving history.

                  Cheapest Car Insurance with Poor Credit in Mobile, Alabama

                  Auto insurance companies associate a low credit score with a high risk for auto insurance claims. If you have poor credit and live in Mobile, you’ll find the most affordable average annual coverage rates from:

                  • Country Financial: $604.
                  • GEICO: $560.
                  • Nationwide: $770.
                  • Safeway Insurance: $711.
                  • Travelers Insurance: $837.

                    Cheapest Car Insurance for Older Drivers in Mobile

                    After you reach your 60s, you might see your car insurance rates increase. If you live in Mobile and decide to shop around, these companies offer the cheapest rates, on average, for older drivers:

                    • Country Financial: $410.
                    • GEICO: $398.
                    • Nationwide: $501.
                    • Travelers Insurance: $515.
                    • USAA: $484.

                      WalletHub notes that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year by shopping around for more affordable auto insurance in Mobile.

                      Cheapest Vehicles to Insure in Mobile

                      You’ll find the cheapest auto insurance in Alabama if you have a Honda Fit, Honda CR-V, or Honda Odyssey. The Acura RDX and Nissan Frontier offer the lowest rates in the luxury car and pickup categories.

                      Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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