VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport recalled for inadvertent airbag deployment

The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas and the 2020-2021 Atlas Cross Activity are being recalled owing to an unexpected airbag deployment problem. In total, VW is bringing back again 54,429 cars and trucks. Of all those, 35,449 are from the Atlas populace and 18,980 are Atlas Cross Athletics. 

The concern stems from air conditioning drain tubes that were being not produced effectively, resulting in them to be blocked. If a tube results in being blocked, water will then leak inside of the auto and appear into get in touch with with the airbag module. VW goes on to say that if water leaks onto the control module, it could trigger method malfunctions, the worst of these getting a random airbag deployment. Of course, that usually means the airbag could go off at any time, if all of the previously mentioned stars line up.

Volkswagen does not say that it will in each circumstance, but the airbag warning light might illuminate if a malfunction of the module is detected.

Volkswagen’s fix will involve an inspection of the drain tube and a mend of the tube if required — VW suggests that it expects a lot less than 1% of the recalled inhabitants to be impacted. If the tube mend is needed, VW will also replace the airbag regulate device with a new a single. As with any remember, all of the get the job done will be performed totally free of cost to the client.

Remember paperwork say to assume to acquire a notification about Jan. 14 if your Atlas is portion of the recalled inhabitants.

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