Volkswagen says it’s considering an electrified pickup truck

Volkswagen divulged to Autoblog and a modest team of media at the Chicago Automobile Display nowadays that it is hunting into producing a pickup truck. This is not the very first time in new heritage VW has threatened to greenlight a pickup — the organization was talking a related tune back in 2019 when it unveiled the Tarok Principle, but absolutely nothing at any time materialized. Maybe points will be distinct this time?

“So, the first factor we preferred to do was make confident we round out the electrical motor vehicle SUV portfolio,” Hein Scafer, SVP of Solution Promoting and Method began. “And the future request I consider billed on to the board is of program we want a pickup truck. Please talk. Let’s get it. Let us get a pencil into it person.”

VW claimed it will be generating selections in the 2nd 50 percent of the year, so maybe there could be some much more information out afterwards in 2023. What sort would this pickup acquire? It’s nevertheless up in the air, but VW’s new CEO of America made available some clarifications.

“It would not be a combustion,” Pablo Di Si, VW CEO of The us reported. “Enable me define, electrified. It can be electric. It can be a plug-in. It cannot be a combustion engine. That is for certain.”

So we’re all on the exact same web page, Di Si is fundamentally stating that VW would hardly ever put out a purely combustion motor pickup truck. As an alternative, it would be possibly a plug-in hybrid or a purely electric truck. For now, VW isn’t committing to either direction. A different issue that Di Si built quite apparent is that it will not have anything at all to do with the electric powered pickup that Scout has already introduced — this would be a VW job. 

The size of the automobile is partly in issue, but it goes without the need of declaring that VW is not heading to attempt and consider on the full-size pickup section where the F-150, Silverado and Ram 1500 reign supreme. 

“What phase? Hey, we’re continue to participating in close to,” Di Si said. “Yeah, we have not decided on the segments. It is yet another problem. It is dependent on the system as very well. Relying on the platform you have is how considerably room you are going to have. We’re open up to this, but the only detail that it will not be is a gasoline or diesel engine.”

If VW decides the compact pickup segment is in which it needs to participate in, which is the most probable circumstance, it will have the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick to contend with. Di Si laid out a number of unique platforms it may use, and they are all unibody.

“So clearly we have to have to leverage present platforms inside VW, having said that we are heading to be hunting at all choices,” Di Si said. “You have the Atlas system, we have the Taos system. You have other platforms that we have not introduced yet. So the significant point is that … the automobile is produced in the location for the area. So it are not able to be a progress from Europe, or Asia and brought listed here. They need to be accomplished with clinics in the U.S.”

VW observed that vehicles it made precisely for the U.S. market place perform far better in this article because of it. Who would’ve considered? Like all much-reaching designs like this, get this news with a grain of salt. VW obviously has some views on pickups, but the product or service is purely theoretical at this phase.

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