Video shows pilot landing stricken small plane on highway

BRYSON City, N.C. — A Florida gentleman who aspires to be a professional pilot showed his techniques in an crisis when he landed a solitary-motor aircraft on a four-lane North Carolina road, lacking vehicles and power lines as he touched down.

Vincent Fraser was flying the aircraft July 3 when the plane commenced to shed motor ability as he was checking out land he experienced ordered in close proximity to a lake. Fraser’s father-in-regulation also was aboard.

“There was nowhere to land so … I believe I informed him I beloved him and that I was sorry for placing him in the situation,” Fraser told The Affiliated Press.

His father-in-law responded that he liked Fraser and to do the greatest he could.

“And from there on, I was just like, ’Game on. Let’s get down alive,'” he reported.

He was heading for a river when a freeway, U.S. 19, appeared below the aircraft. A GoPro online video posted by the sheriff’s office showed the airplane sailing over cars and trucks before it landed on the road, wherever oncoming targeted traffic pulled off to the shoulder to steer clear of a collision.

Fraser, a previous U.S. Marine who is now a flight attendant, said he began owning second feelings about his piloting objectives afterward. But the profitable landing, along with family and neighborhood assistance, bolstered his solve.

“Now I know that I can do it and I can make it out alive and risk-free,” Fraser explained.