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TURTLE WAX SCRATCH REMOVER 100ml. R135.00. Ultra-fine polishing agents remove minor scratches & swirls to deliver a mirror-like.

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and you should see light scratches disappear. This T-Cut scratch remover is safe to use all over various types of vehicle, including painted.

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Scratch repair pen and polishing pads fill and smooth paint blemishes for unsurpassed results. Complete solution removes unsightly scratches, chips and.

Mar 27, 2017.

Scratched your car and want to repair it? We review Turtle Wax's Scratch Repair Kit to explain how to use it and find out if it works.

Turtle Wax Scratch Remover is an all-in-one anti-swirl premium grade compound that removes minor scratches and swirls to deliver a mirror-like shine. It is easy.

The Turtle Wax was designed to remove light to medium scratches off of base coats and clear coats.

Used gently, Turtle Wax’s Safe Cut did the job well, but applying it with a heavy hand resulted in too much paint coming off, leaving the test panel with a slightly duller finish than we’d.


Complete solution for removing light scratches and finish imperfections; Utilizes varying grit sanding pads for deeper scratches and clear coat pen for lighter.

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Scratch repair kit works in conjunction with touch-up paints for covering and blending the deepest scratches Complete solution for removing light scratches and.

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3m Scratch Remover The 3M™ Scratch Removal products are designed to remove defects to the clear coat. Examples include fine scratches from automatic car wash brushes. Common areas in need of repair are the area around the door handle or the trunk. Additional Products for Scratch Removal Oct 2, 2014. 3M is known for offering quality products for

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It’s a good idea to rinse the wash mitt or brush between every section — especially if the car is really dirty — to remove debris or other contaminants that might scratch the paint.

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