Toyota and Suzuki Teaming Up on a Lightweight Sports Car

  • Toyota and Suzuki are rumored to be co-building a new sporting activities car or truck, for each a report by citing a Japanese magazine.
  • The two-seater coupe will reportedly have a mid-mounted 120-hp 1.-liter three-cylinder and weigh a lot less than the Toyota GR86.
  • The task is explained to be motivated by the MR2, with pricing perhaps setting up involving $16,000 and $20,000.

A spiritual successor to the mid-engine Toyota MR2 may well be on the way—and it could have a conventional gas-fed engine. Rumors are swirling on line about the probability a new lightweight sports activities car staying created alongside one another by Toyota and Suzuki (Daihatsu is also reportedly associated).

New Toyota MR2?

Many stories currently stem from an article by Japanese magazine, Very best Motor vehicle, which cites as declaring that the lengthy-rumored “newborn sports car” ensuing from a partnership in between Toyota and Suzuki is nevertheless taking place. Of class, absolutely nothing has been officially announced—no title or just about anything. All we have to go off is speculation fueled by recent principles, this kind of as the Toyota Sports EV pictured above.

Toyota 1st previewed that visually putting concept automobile back in December 2021, among nearly 20 other principles. The latest rumors describe a distinct powertrain, even though, just one with an inner-combustion motor versus an electric motor. Stories declare it will have a mid-mounted 1.-liter three-cylinder, with the probability of a hybrid process also pointed out.

Probably to be Light

The sporting activities auto, what ever it may possibly be identified as, is envisioned to be light. Reviews suggest it will weigh only 2204 pounds. For comparison, that’s lighter than the Mazda Miata, which tipped our scales at 2345 kilos. That would also make it lighter than the Toyota GR86, a sporty front-engine, rear-push coupe weighing 2838 lbs.

It truly is a great detail the Toyota-Suzuki-Daihatsu athletics auto is envisioned to be so light-weight, due to the fact it really is small motor is not reported to be extremely powerful. With half the displacement of a common soda bottle, the 3-pot is thought to develop just 120 horsepower and 147 pound-ft of torque. Toyota’s other a few-cylinder motor powers the GR Corolla and produces a coronary heart-pumping 300 hp, rocketing the incredibly hot hatch down again streets with a vengeance.

Suzuki is reportedly building the engine, with Toyota tapped to adapt the suspension from the present-day-generation Yaris for use on the new sporting activities vehicle. It truly is unclear what system the motor vehicle would be built on, nonetheless, its general length is stated to be 165.3 inches with a 100-inch wheelbase. Most likely coincidentally, those people measurements match the GR86’s.

Sports activities Car Pipe Aspiration?

Naturally, we cannot affirm no matter whether the rumors are accurate. Even if they are, we’re not absolutely sure if Toyota would offer it in America, specifically considering that it may struggle to find success. Earnings margins would be razor thin with experiences proclaiming the vehicle could be priced amongst $16,000 and $20,000. However, our enthusiast want will make us continue to be hopeful, even while we do not anticipate to see it for at least yet another calendar year or two.

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