This all-terrain mini beast can travel virtually anywhere

Off-roading motor vehicles are a dime a dozen, but this epic all-terrain mini beast will convert heads. Atlas ATV is a Ukrainian-produced off-roading automobile that can traverse both of those land and water. If this automobile looks acquainted, it is possibly simply because it shares the identical system as the Sherp ATV. As opposed to the Sherp ATV, Atlas ATV is for a longer time with a bigger cabin, and some added characteristics.

Atlas ATV weighs 4,850 lbs and has a max load potential of about 3,300 lbs .. It can easily have 12 travellers, but don’t be expecting the Atlas to be a velocity demon. The all-terrain car only has a prime speed of 37 mph on land or 4.3 mph on h2o. It also has all-wheel generate, and the four substantial wheels act as propellers when in the water. Atlas promises that any person with a driver’s license can work its motor vehicles. If you experienced the Atlas ATV for a single day, where would you go?   

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