The most-stolen cars in America, and how to avoid being a victim of auto theft

Motor vehicle thefts are a expanding issue in the United States. As vehicle values and the price of parts raise, intruders are increasingly incentivized to steal and resell or portion-out well known models. The Countrywide Coverage Crime Bureau produced its annual Sizzling Wheels theft report for 2021, and the most well-liked stolen cars will surprise no just one.

Most stolen autos of 2021:

  1. Chevrolet pickup (full-measurement): 48,206 total thefts
  2. Ford pickup (full-dimensions): 47,999 overall thefts
  3. Honda Civic: 31,673 complete thefts
  4. Honda Accord: 30,274 complete thefts
  5. Toyota Camry: 17,270 whole thefts
  6. GMC pickup (comprehensive-measurement): 15,599 total thefts
  7. Nissan Altima: 14,108 whole thefts
  8. Honda CR-V: 13,308 complete thefts
  9. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee: 13,210 whole thefts
  10. Toyota Corolla: 12,927 overall thefts

Chevrolet and Ford entire-sizing trucks leading the checklist, just as they did in 2020, and are joined by a who’s-who of well-liked sedans, vehicles and SUVs. Quite a few of the vehicles on the listing are from the early 2000s, which tracks with the data from law enforcement. The Sacramento Bee not long ago interviewed associates of the California Highway Patrol, who noted that older motor vehicles with turnkey ignition programs are favored for the reason that of the ease with which a thief can start out them. Look at the list of early-2000s autos with the most common styles on the highway, and it is simple to see why Chevy and Ford pickup vans from 2004 and 2006 have been the most stolen cars nationally in 2001. 

The National Insurance policies Criminal offense Bureau’s exploration backs up that theory, stating that a vehicle’s recognition and relative availability on the streets add to them remaining stolen. The numbers are staggering, with the two comprehensive-dimension pickup trucks reaching approximately 50,000 thefts in 2021. The Honda Civic arrived in third with just in excess of 30,000 thefts, and the Toyota Camry rounded out the major 5 with all-around 17,000. 

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Another main contributor to the dilemma could be the ongoing provide chain shortages that have created new and applied cars extra expensive. Inventory shortages and sustained superior demand have designed all utilised cars extra highly-priced, so it is tempting for thieves to steal and export automobiles and trucks for disassembly in other international locations. They can also be broken down for pieces, which are expanding in expense. 

All of that claimed, what can you do to reduce your vehicle from staying stolen? The good news is that even if you’re driving one of the well-liked stolen autos on the list, you can get steps to make your car or truck significantly less interesting to thieves. 

How to avoid being a victim of auto theft

Hold the vehicle locked

It may appear to be apparent, but locking your doors is a person of the greatest techniques to secure your automobile. The added time it normally takes a thief to get previous a locked door could be the matter that motivates them to seem at an additional concentrate on. Absolutely sure, they could split your window and go about the position, but locked doorways are an excess deterrent that could make the change.

Thoroughly clean out your auto

Do not leave valuables or other objects in plain view inside your auto. If burglars see dollars, a purse or wallet, or similar items lying close to, it tells them that the car is probably value breaking into. Whilst a automobile thief may perhaps be seeking for extra than spare alter and previous CDs, it’s most effective not to give them unwanted motivation.

Park in a secure location

It is not often feasible to park in a nicely-lit, secured parking garage, but in which you leave your auto could make all the difference. If you simply cannot find a well-lit location in a garage or whole lot, avenue parking below a gentle or in a active place is a very good guess. The plan is to make your car or truck as unappealing as possible, so lights and folks can be sizeable theft deterrents.

Use know-how

Car or truck alarms are good, but thieves have sometimes figured out how to disable or disarm them. A car monitoring procedure and car immobilizer is an excellent way to prevent your automobile from disappearing. There are many cheap units on the sector, numerous of which present easy smartphone applications.