The Corvette’s Junk in the Trunk

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette is 182.3 inches lengthy. That is 7.9 inches more time than the Audi R8, which squeezes a V-10 into its motor bay. It is 3.8 inches for a longer period than the Acura NSX, and 2.6 inches lengthier than the Ferrari 296 GTB. And substantially of that extravagant size is concentrated aft of the cabin. The C8 is radically taxi-forward, and from a three-quarter perspective, front or rear, it can seem like the entrance third of the automobile is getting swallowed by an 8/7ths scale version of alone. Or as if it’s in the system of telescoping, like the Rinspeed Presto. The Corvette appears to be great in profile and useless on, but it is not as tidy, visually, as it could be if it didn’t have about 20 inches separating the motor bay from the rear bumper. There is just no disguising the Corvette’s big ol’ trunk.

There is a good deal of Corvette aft of that door.

Vehicle and Driver

But that minor extend aft of the motor bay is what transforms the C8 from a gaudy plaything into a true every day auto. When you get started looking at Corvettes with 150,000 miles, that will not be simply because they get fantastic fuel economic system or have Barcalounger seats. It’ll be mainly because of the trunk. It is simple to choose off on a 600-mile journey when you don’t have to assume about what to pack. And taking away a simple impediment to highway outings signifies racking up more miles, which should to be the best intention for a auto that treats driving as hedonism fairly than a chore. And for this wonderful flexibility, we can thank… the roof.

The C8 can impersonate a simple car or truck. Even in the snow.

Early on in the C8 organizing, Chevy’s emphasis groups verified that a switch to a mid-engine layout would not modify customers’ expectation that all Vettes are convertibles—as in, coupes get a detachable roof panel. And if the roof will come off, you need to have a spot to stow it in the motor vehicle. As a result, the C8’s rear trunk is not designed all-around your baggage or golf golf equipment (even though it’ll keep two sets) or the bags of mulch you could throw in to flex at Residence Depot. It’s created to keep the roof, and this matter ain’t a T-top rated. That panel is large. And so the C8’s total cargo potential is 13 cubic feet, which is similar to a single of those people rooftop cargo baggage you may see on an SUV.

c8 corvette in a snowy driveway

Okay, that is a fantastic angle. But it could be improved with some strategic duration reduction around the rear axle.

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As a consequence, when I took a 2022 Corvette on an overnight trip to the North Carolina mountains, I had a great deal of place for the cumbersome detritus demanded by winter—no cramming every single air pocket in the cabin with rolled-up jackets and person socks, no sliding the seats uncomfortably ahead to build a handful of spare cubic centimeters of cargo area, as I have done in an R8. Just get in and go, both of those trunks filled to the brim but the inside uncluttered.

the trunk of a c8 corvette stuffed with luggage

Never want to don Bean boots though driving? Toss them in the trunk. Together with everything else.

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And that capaciousness leverages what is if not a fantastic calendar year-round highway-trip automobile, a grand tourer in monitor-rat garments. When I received a experience in a seriously camouflaged pre-production C8 at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds back in 2019, chief engineer Tadge Juechter stated, “It’s bought 911 performance together with the finest attributes of the Boxster and Cayman. And some Lexus refinement thrown in, which may shock individuals.” Even though the Corvette can execute brutal start manage clutch-drops and hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, it can also mellow out on the highway—active exhaust muted, magnetic experience manage limber, transmission smoothly slurring from equipment to gear. With winter season tires, you can blast up a snow-included mountain street with no problems in anyway. And the optional front-conclusion carry procedure aids the C8 shimmy over steep techniques or speed bumps with out grinding. The Corvette isn’t a standard vehicle, but it can impersonate one.

c8 corvette in a ski area parking lot with a snowboarder

Ok, the snowboard didn’t suit in the trunk. But it pretty much did. And it in good shape in the cabin along with its 6’4″ proprietor.

Vehicle and Driver

Not absolutely everyone is happy with the Corvette’s compromise among aesthetics and utility. I have a pal who acquired the previous two Z06s, the C6 and C7, but does not know if he’ll go back again for a 3rd. “The new Corvette just looks bizarre from some angles,” he said. “The last just one appears considerably improved to me.” And I know what he means, but he’s also not just one of the individuals who normally takes advantages of the Corvette’s capaciousness (the C7 experienced even much more cargo place). When I questioned him how many miles were on his C7 Z06, now four decades previous, he replied, “3000.” I received a extended way toward that variety in a single weekend with the C8.

Back again when I frequented Milford, Juechter explained, “There are basically a million choices on the way to producing a new car or truck.” Going with the detachable roof—and therefore large trunk—was 1 of them. And they got it suitable.

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