Subaru Teases a New SUV That Looks Like the Next Crosstrek

  • Subaru posted a video on the internet that teases a new SUV design that’ll be exposed on September 15.
  • The 15-second clip demonstrates many shrouded pictures of the future ute, which seems a lot like the up coming-gen Crosstrek.
  • We’re surprised Subaru would reveal a new Crosstrek just before a new Impreza considering the fact that they’re one and the exact, but it’s possible it usually means the smaller car is on borrowed time.

    The subsequent generation of the Subaru Crosstrek could be on the way. At the very least that is our takeaway soon after viewing a online video Subaru posted on the web right now that teases a new SUV model, which the firm options to reveal September 15.

    The 15-2nd clip was posted on YouTube by Subaru of Japan, and it can also be found on the Japanese web page. Just about all of the shots are shrouded in darkness, with only a several precise aspects seen. The clearest style and design things we can see are the headlights and taillights, which seem comparable to models on Subaru’s most recent versions.

    Illuminating Aspects

    Together with the new SUV’s headlights and taillights, we are able to make out areas of its entrance close. There seems to be a crossbar connecting the tips of the headlights and running across the higher component of the grille. The Subaru symbol is positioned in the center of the crossbar. The grille alone appears to be to have a substantial outline, considerably greater than the present Crosstrek. Nevertheless, the shot of the rear quarter panel demonstrates character traces that look awfully identical to these on the recent Crosstrek.


    Stubby Subie Noticed

    With all the shadowy near-ups and fast cuts, it’s really hard to attain viewpoint on the dimension of the SUV in the video clip. However, there is 1 portion of the shorter clip that exhibits its stubby stature when the Subie enters a dark cave. That shot makes it search wider than it is tall, which aligns with the present Crosstrek’s dimensions, as it measures 63.1 inches substantial and 71. inches vast.

    shrouded shot of new subaru suv


    Bye, Bye Impreza?

    We feel self-confident the SUV teased in the video and the just one Subaru strategies to reveal on September 15 is the subsequent-generation Crosstrek. If that turns out to be real, it will make us marvel why the business would reveal a new Crosstrek prior to a new Impreza. Just after all, they are one and the identical. The Crosstrek evolved from the former Impreza-primarily based Outback Sport hatchback from many years in the past, and it stays a lifted variation of the present-day Impreza hatch, sharing a system, powertrains, and substantially of its styling, regardless of wearing a distinctive nameplate.

    A glance at the sales for each products shows that above the past two many years Subaru has marketed much more than twice as lots of Crosstreks as Imprezas. That, mixed with its bigger inquiring price, can make the SUV model a ton additional successful, and it could signify that the Impreza is on borrowed time in the U.S. market.

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