Samsung Galaxy S22 Phone Apparently Getting A Mercedes-Benz Makeover

The Galaxy S22 is the latest smartphone from Samsung, and the want is potent for numerous folks. It is really the company’s flagship mobile phone, lining up in opposition to the Apple Iphone 13. Before you start asking yourself if we adjusted our title from Motor1 to Smartphone1, there is a noteworthy automotive relationship right here. And it comes with Mercedes-Benz. Allegedly, in any case.

A handful of days in the past an exciting picture appeared on Twitter. It was shared by @GaryeonHan and showed all sorts of gear adorned with Mercedes-Benz logos. A translation of the tweet labeled the impression as the Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes EQ Version.


At this stage, there is not considerably info offered regarding this Merc-infused phone. You will find nothing at all formal nosing around the internet we observed a report from GSMArena referencing two distinctive-edition kits for the S22. Just one is referred to as the Mark & Lona edition but clearly, our attention turns to the Mercedes version. The cellphone will evidently come in a distinctive box with a customized cell phone scenario, keychain, cardholder, and other extras we are unable to detect. Naturally, the three-pointed star is everywhere, and the fade sample on some objects resembles the grille seen on electric EQ products. contacted Mercedes-Benz in look for of aspects, but we have nevertheless to acquire a reaction. As such, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability  –  the tweet appears to occur from a South Korean account and there is certainly some speculation these offerings could be area-unique. You will find also no phrase on how deep this likely partnership goes or if it will generate additional Mercedes swag in the upcoming.

Mercedes-Benz is definitely no stranger when it arrives to interesting merchandise decidedly not of the automotive mother nature. We have witnessed Cigarette off-shore powerboats with Mercedes-AMG branding. Of system there’s particular Mercedes baggage and AMG badged watches. Most a short while ago we came on an appealing collaboration with a personalized shoe designer who developed silver-trimmed Air Jordan sneakers with a notable Mercedes brand.