Rivian Patents Trick Tailgate Tech To Fight GM, Ram, And Ford

Multi-perform tailgates are all the rage in the current American pickup industry. Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and Ram previously have a variety of takes on the thought. A few modern patent filings advise Rivian designs to offer you related alternatives for the R1T, as well.

A single patent describes a tailgate with a phase that could make it easier to climb into the bed. The paperwork describes various methods of creating this panel prolong, which include springs, bars, and scissor backlinks.

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Also, there’s a patent for a telescoping tailgate with a segment in the middle that could move in or out, relying on the owner’s want. In its patent files, Rivian gives a couple of examples of attainable employs of this style and design. 

The panel could supply a lot easier access for achieving into the mattress with the panel telescopes out of the way. Or, fully extending the piece would deliver a way to make the mattress for a longer period if the further space is essential for hauling greater goods

In an alternative style and design, Rivian claims the telescoping part could go side to side relatively than up and down. In this circumstance, a man or woman could set something extensive in the mattress and use the moving piece to clamp down on what’s extending out of the again to retain the cargo in spot.

Rivian Pickup Tailgate Patents Telescoping Above Moved

Rivian Pickup Telescoping Tailgate Patent

Rivian Pickup Tailgate Patents Bike Rack

Rivian Tailgate Cargo Carrier Patent

Lastly, the 3rd patent is for a cargo-keeping procedure that would attach to the tailgate. In the photographs, Rivian specially reveals this as a bicycle rack, but the paperwork is crystal clear that this is just an example. The enterprise could configure the parts to hold a range of gear. There would be many anchor factors for affixing whichever a man or woman requires.

Rivian submitted for the cargo provider and move on June 29, 2020. The telescoping panel came on June 30. The United States Patent and Trademark Place of work printed all a few on December 30, 2021. 

As always with patents, there’s no ensure that Rivian is basically likely to apply these ideas into the R1T. Given how well-known multi-perform tailgates are, we could consider the company functioning to employ these thoughts into foreseeable future autos.

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