Renault Scénic Vision features unique hydrogen plug-in powertrain

Renault has produced yet another principle previewing its greener, electrified future. It can be termed the Scénic Vision, and the design and style looks to borrow a bit from the angular and squared-off layout of the Renault 5 Prototype notion. It also previews the design and style of a 2024 model of the Scénic MPV. But potentially additional intriguing than all of that is its plug-in hybrid hydrogen fuel mobile powertrain.

Every single hydrogen fuel mobile car or truck to day is efficiently an electric auto. It’s just that as a substitute of a battery, it relies on a gas mobile to deliver electrical energy from hydrogen, which is alone saved in a tank. What the Scénic Vision does is add a respectable size battery that can be charged from the grid. It can be a 40-kWh battery. Renault didn’t give an approximated variety on battery-only, but the base Nissan Leaf has a 40-kWh battery and can go up to 150 miles on a cost, just for reference. But for longer excursions and more quickly fueling, there is certainly a 2.5-kg hydrogen tank on board with a 16-kW gasoline mobile for making supplemental electrical power. The idea is that this lets for the use of a more compact battery that weighs significantly less and uses considerably less materials and strength in manufacturing, whilst also sustaining prolonged-distance overall flexibility on fairly green gasoline. And in truth, with hydrogen in the blend, Renault claims a variety of 497 miles (in all probability a bit much less on EPA tests).

As for how all this is laid out, the battery and the gas cell are put in the ground of the motor vehicle. The hydrogen tank sits in the entrance, and the motor is in the rear, powering the rear wheels. It also occurs to make 160 kW of electric power, or 215 horsepower.

Renault Scénic Vision concept car

Renault also touts the use of recycled materials in the Scénic Eyesight. It suggests that 70% of the car’s resources are from recycled merchandise, whether or not that is the steel in the chassis, the aluminum and even the carbon fiber that goes into the facet sills and hydrogen fuel tank. The firm also says that 95% of the finished vehicle can then be recycled later. On top of that, there are plans for the batteries to be made use of for other, stationary purposes right after they develop into unusable for the vehicle.

It is really not all about environmental positive aspects, though. Renault also focused on basic safety and technology, significantly for the interior. Just one large monitor in the cowl is augmented by numerous customizable “widget” screens that each have their very own capabilities. The on-board facial recognition technique, which unlocks the car, can also alter all these screens and other elements of the interior for exceptional attain and visibility for the driver. Other sensors retain monitor of the driver’s driving design and can advise on how to travel extra safely and securely and extra proficiently, additionally it can alert of approaching road blocks and hazards. It also will check the driver’s overall health and awareness and do what it can to keep the driver inform. And if the driver is unresponsive, the auto can deliver by itself to a stop.

Regardless of whether all this technology will display up in the manufacturing 2024 Scénic is unclear. The powertrain appears to be rather plausible, but some of the much more fanciful interior structure appears a little bit farfetched. At the quite minimum, the style is handsome. We will be curious to see the final product or service, even if it will not likely appear on American shores.

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