Our Favorite Bike Phone Mounts in 2022 – Top Reviews by Autoblog Commerce

With so a lot of alternatives offered online, however, it can be really hard to opt for the mobile phone mount that beautifully satisfies your needs. Don’t stress, although, for the reason that we have created a listing of the leading bicycle phone mounts in 2022, along with a buyer’s information to master far more about how you can choose your cellular phone on the go without it falling off your bicycle or out of your pocket.

Buying information: Bike cellphone mounts

Obtaining a bicycle phone mount can make your rides a great deal far more handy, but it really is complicated to obtain a single that’s ideal for your requires. That’s where we come in — look at out some important points you are going to have to contemplate to uncover a significant-good quality bike cell phone mount in 2022:

What are the different forms of bike phone mounts?

Ram mounts

Ram mounts hold your smartphone in an X-shaped grip. These bicycle cellular phone mounts are versatile and clench your smartphone tightly.

Universal mounts

Common bicycle phone mounts arrive with two grips on each and every side to quickly in shape a smartphone of any dimension. These mounts are great for use with mountain bikes.

Phone mounts with a case

These bicycle cellular phone mounts occur with an attached smartphone scenario. With this style of mount, all you need to have to do is take out your smartphone from its circumstance and place it in the mount’s situation.

Mounts with a water resistant bag

This variety of bicycle cell phone mount options a water-proof style and design and can be fully coated or transparent.

Items to think about prior to purchasing a bike cellular phone mount


It’s critical to realize if your cell phone is suitable with the bike cell phone mount you are searching at. Cellphone mounts are readily available in different sizes and proportions and can clasp telephones of several measurements. There are universal phone mounts as well, which can in good shape smartphones of practically all sorts and dimensions.

Content durability

A bicycle cell phone mount should really be capable to stand up to tough situations. Brands typically design telephone mounts from silicone, metal, or tough rubber for amplified toughness. You should look at how you experience and pick a ideal bicycle cell phone mount that is produced from a tough materials.

Versatile features

Some bicycle cellular phone mounts are adaptable and equipped to rotate in any path, permitting you alter them to accommodate your requirements. This is not a necessary factor to contemplate, though, and attributes mostly in large-end products.


Affordability is critical to consider before purchasing a bike cellular phone mount. Cell phone mounts are out there for unique prices, so before shopping for just one you ought to assess your demands and finances and choose the mount that fits your desires.

How are bike cell phone mounts valuable?

Bike cellular phone mounts can be incredibly helpful for folks who want to continue to keep their phones in see while on the go, and they are wonderful for rideshare/delivery drivers and people who want to observe their biking for health and fitness. Some people also use bicycle cellphone mounts to listen to tunes as they experience, as this allows them conveniently transform tunes and see what’s playing at the time they end driving.

In which can I set a bicycle telephone mount?

You can put in a bicycle telephone mount on the handlebars of your bicycle with the enable of a clutch clamp and brake. This will allow you to promptly look at Google Maps or pay attention to audio without the need of needing to just take your cell phone out of your pocket. Make guaranteed that your bike mobile phone mount is strong enough to support your machine and retain it in place, even when you are riding at higher speeds.

Bike Cellphone Mount FAQ’s

Q: Do all bicycle cell phone mounts present defense against drinking water?

Not all bicycle telephone mounts deliver defense towards drinking water. Water-proof mobile phone mounts typically aspect a bag that features a protecting film for your device.

Q: Is my bicycle cellular phone mount appropriate for all sorts of bikes?

Not all bicycle phone mounts are appropriate for use on all bikes. If you’re hunting for flexibility, then think about obtaining a common mount. The most important matter you’ll need to have to contemplate with a universal mount is irrespective of whether the mounting clamp is massive sufficient to fit the handlebars of your bike.

Q: What is the gain of a bicycle cellphone mount?

Obtaining a bike cellular phone mount may like appear an odd choice, but it can make it possible for you to use the apps on your cellphone as you journey and deliver easy accessibility to your gadget every time you want it.