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Ford Mustang—61 Times to Offer (Avg.)

What We Think: Ford’s Mustang is grazing in vendor loads. Our guts, having said that, notify us the more functionality-minded options—such as the V-8-powered GT, Mach 1, and Shelby GT500—are probable not the types collecting dust. No, we wager the vast majority of sitting down Mustangs are reduce-amount EcoBoost products, which count on a turbocharged four-cylinder engine for inspiration. With a common 310 horsepower, however, this low-degree pony automobile even now gallops (we clocked a so-geared up stick-change coupe hitting the mile-a-moment mark in 5.1 seconds). Guaranteed, we favor the sweet tune of V-8-run Mustangs, but we’re nonetheless followers of the EcoBoost designs. In truth, we imagine this four-cylinder Ford is previously a stable deal at MSRP—if you can snag one for less than that, then far more energy to you.