Mercedes-Benz recalls 53,000 Sprinter vans over fire risk

A total of 52,993 Mercedes-Benz and Freightiner-branded Sprinter vans from the 2019 and 2020 model a long time produced concerning September 16, 2017, and February 3, 2020, are getting recalled. According to documents posted by the National Highway Targeted traffic Security Administration, “the heating, air flow, and air conditioning (HVAC) blower motor circuit may well be inadequate, which can allow the wiring harness to overheat.” Mercedes-Benz’s remember acknowledgement provides that “a wiring harness that overheats increases the threat of a fire.” A alter in the fuse format that went into generation in February 2020 resolved the challenge.

Thanks to the probability of a fire in impacted autos, Mercedes-Benz is advising owners “to only function the HVAC front blower in handbook (not computerized) mode every time the engine is on.” Used in handbook method, entrepreneurs are even more instructed not to “use the utmost blower or lowest/highest temperature options right up until the treatment is carried out.” Mercedes-Benz notes that occupants of the vehicle may well notice what it calls “unconventional odors” (we’d consider that would be the smell of burning plastic and fuses) forward of failure thanks to “an boost of the transitional resistance concerning fuse and fuse holder” in the HVAC wiring harness.

Mercedes-Benz says it is presently mindful of 11 studies of overheating situations involving Sprinter vans in the United States. Dealers will relocate and substitute the fuse and wiring harness in affected automobiles at no charge.