Koenigsegg Jesko gets its turn to throw snow

Of course, it is really a tad bizarre to be publishing winter screening videos in the center of April, the exact way it really is a very little peculiar for it to be 38 levels in pieces of the Midwest this week. We can do with out the climate, but we are going to get the movies, and here is yet another — a counterpoint to a vid from a 7 days ago. Rimac supplied our previous journey to northern Sweden, the Croatian hypercar maker there to examination the Nevera in temperatures perfectly colder than 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Two hrs east of that, turns out Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg was testing its Jesko in the frozen stuff. The Swedes called their video Egg Hunt for noticeable reasons, but there wasn’t a great deal of a hunt, just a guy collecting huge neon eggs in the forest right until the path prospects him to the Jesko. Looks the Swedish Easter Bunny may possibly be way cooler than ours.

What is actually cool about these two video clips is they check with, “How do you like your ice dancing?” With four motors generating 1,914 horsepower and 1,741 pound-toes of torque to go 4,960 kilos, and emitting a light whine that can be scarcely read higher than the soundtrack? Or with a 5.-liter twin-turbo V8 generating 1,600 hp and 1,107 lb-ft to inspire 3,130 kilos and a Battlestar Galactica wing, emitting a roar that would have had the Easter Bunny apologizing to just about every hibernating bear and rethinking his egg hunt system? Consider your time choosing, you will find no erroneous respond to. By the way, that wing and the ability determine mark this as the typical Jesko on E85. The Jesko on standard gasoline helps make ‘just’ 1,200 horsepower.  

The Jesko and Nevera need to be getting their way to the initially customers soon. Probably up coming time they both vacation in northern Sweden, they’re going to go alongside one another. That would be a movie.