Junkyard Gem: 2002 Lexus GS 300

Toyota ultimately killed off the Lexus GS final yr, just after just about 20 decades of earning respect but not practically as numerous yen as the Toyota City overlords experienced hoped. American motor vehicle purchasers arrived to choose truck-formed machinery during the generation life of the GS, and these who wished sedans did not see the strengths of the rear-wheel-travel GS about the equally-sized-but-less expensive ES. From 1993 by way of 2005, American Lexus buyers could purchase a new GS with the superb 2JZ straight-six engine, which reached international gearhead immortality thanks to a sure motion picture franchise, and these cars and trucks have been quite challenging for me to uncover throughout my junkyard travels. Right here is a scarce illustration of the last technology of 2JZ-equipped GS 300s, located in a Northern California boneyard very last summer months.

V8 variations of the GS (the 400 and, afterwards, 430) could be purchased in this article, geared up with the bulletproof-but-large 1UZ/3UZ V8 motor out of the LS. Those people automobiles have been a lot quicker and faster than the GS 300 but managed in additional ponderous manner.

This motor was rated at 220 horsepower, but you could get terrifying multiples of that quantity with the addition of aftermarket improve. In Japan, this car’s Aristo counterpart obtained 276 horses out of its turbocharged 2JZ.

No guide transmission could be had in the 2002 GS (nor in the JDM Aristo and its Crown cousin), but at the very least the enforced automated came with 5 ahead speeds. This vehicle appeared and felt like a scaled-down LS 430 within, but the rear-wheel-drive layout designed the rear seat house smaller than that of the Camry-centered ES 300.

Acquiring the keys in a new-ish junkyard automobile indicates that it was most very likely an insurance complete or dealership trade-in. Possibly an individual will rescue that 2JZ ahead of The Crusher eats it.

As constantly with Toyota solutions, the Japanese-sector ads were a lot more spectacular than all those from in other places.

The V8-geared up GS forces the BMW 540i to generate in excess of a cliff, Wile E. Coyote-model.