Junkyard Gem: 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Not a lot of (non-military) mass-developed cars have ever stayed in output in much more or much less the exact same sort for superior than a quarter-century. You can find the Volkswagen Form 1 Beetle, of program, as well as the Peugeot 504, Hindustan Ambassador, Austin Mini, 2nd-technology Suzuki Cultus, second-generation Volkswagen Passat, and … properly, a lot of others that stretch the definitions of “more or less the similar variety.” It receives even harder to obtain an American car or truck that satisfies that standard even the Ford Product T— which was hilariously out of date when Henry the Initially grudgingly permitted creation to cease in 1927— didn’t even make it to 20 design many years. The SJ Jeep Wagoneer is one particular of all those scarce equipment, created by three different providers above a time period of 29 product years, and the types designed when George H.W. Bush was president ended up in essence the very same cars as the kinds crafted when John F. Kennedy was president.

This is a late Grand Wagoneer, located in a self-provider yard in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The SJ Wagoneer is the conceptual ancestor of every new luxurious SUV you can buy right now, first unveiled when the idea of a truly relaxed truck appeared preposterous to most. Launched by Kaiser Jeep as a Brooks Stevens-designed substitute for the jouncy, overcome-quality Willys Station Wagon, Wagoneer creation was taken about in 1970 by the American Motors Corporation immediately after that organization acquired Kaiser-Jeep. AMC created Wagoneers and — starting in the 1984 product year — Grand Wagoneers until finally Lee Iacocca’s Chrysler gobbled up the organization in 1987. Iacocca was more interested in the profitable Jeep brand alone than in the getting old Grand Wagoneer by that time, but Chrysler continued to establish the SJ all the way by means of 1991.

When the Jeep XJ Cherokee was released by AMC for 1984, the Wagoneer name grew to become the name for a Cherokee trim degree and the Brooks Stevens truck turned the Grand Wagoneer. Now the Grand Wagoneer is back again, weighing about two tons more than this 4,470-pound ’89 and packing 327 to 366 further horses underneath the hood.

Which is ideal, this Jeep had a mere 144 horsepower when new, while the torque was an suitable 280 pound-toes. The engine is the very good outdated American Motors 360, which was released to the entire world in 1970 in this kind of Kenosha-built devices as the Rebel and AMX.

The AMC 360 (afterwards regarded as the Jeep 5.9) nevertheless results in a great deal of confusion among the elements-counter staff to this day, because Chrysler also constructed a V8 referred to as the 360, which was wholly unrelated to the AMC motor. Absolutely sure, the AMC 360 has a front-mounted distributor while the Chrysler 360’s is in the back, and the SJ Wagoneer under no circumstances experienced a manufacturing facility-set up Chrysler engine, but it won’t make a difference — just the similarity in designation has been sufficient to cause decade right after ten years of components mixups.

All Jeep SJ Wagoneers had 4-wheel-generate (and 4 doorways) after the late 1960s, however you could buy an SJ-primarily based Cherokee with rear-wheel-push and/or two doorways later on.

This 1 isn’t going to glance way too rough, aside from some sunlight-fading and sections yanked off by junkyard buyers.

Just 186,816 miles on the clock. The sticker under the speedometer appears to be to reveal that maintenance support was performed in 2004, when the mileage total was 182,760. It truly is hard to consider a operating vehicle driving just 4,000 miles in the course of 18 yrs in sparsely-populated Wyoming (where the residents habitually travel 150 miles just to get a fast lunch), so I suspect that this truck broke anything mechanical and got parked for superior pretty a while back again.

The SJ Wagoneer was constructed in Iran for the duration of the Shah’s time, as the Simorgh and Ahoo, and there are nonetheless some out there on Iranian roads now.

I couldn’t come across a Tv professional for the ’89 Grand Wagoneer, but this ’73 advert is near ample.