Junkyard Gem: 1987 Audi 5000 S Quattro Sedan

Audi launched the 3rd-generation 100 to the earth in late 1982, and it initially appeared on our shores — with Audi 5000 badging — as a 1984 product. With its smooth curves and flush side glass, it boasted astonishingly minimal aerodynamic drag, reaching gas economic climate at significant speeds that other major cars could not occur close to matching (until finally Ford arrived out with the Audi-influenced style and design of the new Taurus for 1986). The 5000 S Quattro was an abnormal design with all-wheel-drive but without the turbocharging of the 5000 CS, just about extinct these days, and that is what we have obtained for today’s Junkyard Gem.

The Audi 100 experienced its European-market place name below from its American introduction for the 1970 model 12 months via 1977, right after which its title grew to become the much more impressive-sounding 5000 here. The 100 title returned for 1989, since certain occasions produced the 5000 identify poisonous.

We are unable to talk about the 5000 without having addressing the “unintended acceleration” controversy that kneecapped Audi product sales in the wake of a November 1986 “60 Minutes” piece alleging that 5000s with automated transmissions sometimes lurched forward when the driver pressed the brake pedal. Significantly hugely publicized arglebargle adopted, with the upshot staying that absolutely everyone included appeared terrible and U.S.-market Audi income — not just the 5000, all Audis — fell off a cliff and failed to get better until finally well into the 1990s. This 5000 has a five-speed guide transmission, so it would not have been matter to the alleged trouble in point, the initial customer may perhaps have scored a screaming deal on this automobile, which was built in June 1987 and therefore hit a depopulated showroom flooring at the top of the Unintended Acceleration hooraw.

Most American consumers who were keen to pay excess for Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-generate system also peeled off the excess bills to get the turbocharged motor, so in a natural way aspirated 5000 S Quattros were unusual beasts. This straight-five displaced 2.3 liters and manufactured 130 horsepower, although the turbo version whooshed out 162 horses. If you consider this motor compartment appears to be like like the one particular in the Volkswagen Quantum Syncro from the exact same period, you are appropriate!

The Quattro system 1st appeared in the United States on 1983 Audis, following in the footsteps of the groundbreaking all-wheel-drive rig launched in 1979 by American Motors on the Eagle. By the late 1980s, numerous other motor vehicle firms offered correct all-wheel-generate systems, but AMC and Audi competed only in opposition to four-wheel-push autos for substantially of the 10 years. This differential-lock handle setup was a great deal cooler-searching than the a single Toyota used in the Camry All-Trac later on.

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Somebody acquired the instrument cluster, so we are unable to know how a lot of miles this automobile drove throughout its 35 yrs on the road.

The MSRP on this auto was $24,450, or about $65,120 in 2022 pounds. Ford was providing AWD versions of the Tempo and Mercury Topaz in 1987, priced at just $9,984 and $10,119 ($26,590 and $26,950 nowadays), but it is really uncertain than any likely Audi 5000 purchaser would have regarded these cramped, underpowered devices.

It seems that Joe Biden took time out from washing his Trans Am to have an Audi 5000 dispatched to The Crusher’s waiting around area. Or most likely this sticker refers to the 360,000-mile Toyota Tercel parked in the subsequent space.

There is no rust, the human body is reasonably straight, and the interior would be wonderful with a complete cleansing. Unfortunately, these automobiles usually are not truly worth a great deal these days, so nobody rescued this one particular.

Crafted to be abused in the city.

Cruelly, CBS performed this commercial in the course of “60 Minutes,” about two weeks prior to the fateful Audi 5000 episode.

Let’s look at the home-sector version now. Do not attempt this on your ski bounce at household!

FAW built Hongqi-badged Audi 100s in China from 1989 by way of 2004.