Junkyard Gem: 1979 Volkswagen Scirocco

When Volkswagen — immediately after a long time of hold off exacerbated by the huge expenditure of the Sparkarte payouts and Tatra lawsuits arising from the Style 1 Beetle’s origins — eventually started mass-generating drinking water-cooled cars and trucks, the 1973 Passat (recognized as the Dasher on our shores) was the to start with to roll off the assembly line. The model-new Golf aka Rabbit appeared the following year, and along with it came a sporty Giugiaro-styled by-product. That auto was the Scirocco, and I have observed 1 of these to start with-generation machines in a Denver-spot self-services lawn.

By 1979, the Scirocco had to compete against these types of sporty Japanese coupes as the Datsun 310GX and Honda Prelude, not to point out the 128 Sport Hatchback and even the Brava two-door from Fiat. American Motors even made available an AMX-ized model of the Spirit, which defeat the Scirocco on cost and came with a substantial-torque straight-six engine. However, the Scirocco marketed well plenty of below around that time.

This just one suffers from some rust injury in the standard places, in addition to staying frequently conquer up.

This JVC cassette deck dates back again to the center 1980s, so it truly is probable that this car or truck has been nonoperational considering the fact that Reagan was in the White House.

The inside is loaded with what seems like many years of rodent detritus, no question laden with hantavirus. I have found even worse, though— a lot even worse.

The 1,457cc straight-4 in this vehicle had a 71-horsepower score in 1979, which wasn’t so bad for a automobile that didn’t quite weigh 2,000 lbs ..

The German-language gasoline-score sticker is a awesome Continental contact, even though the RON octane score possibly certain quite a few American Scirocco proprietors to use high quality gas when they didn’t will need to (91 RON is about the very same as our 87 octane).

You could get this vehicle with an automatic transmission, but that extra 125 bucks to the purchase price (about $530 in inflation-modified 2022 pounds). This a person has the base 4-on-the-ground guide.

Back again in the early 1980s, when the excellent cartoonist Robert Armstrong wished to display how The Guy would brainwash Mickey Rat into staying a effective member of modern society, he gave the the moment-rebellious rodent a Scirocco. This has trapped with me considering the fact that I was in superior school, so I keep on being suspicious of the Scirocco.

You persons know how to stay!