Is Ceramic Spray Good For Cars? This debate has been going on for years

Finding the right product to protect your car can be a daunting task with all the products available in todays market. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer questions.

This debate has been going on for years. If you were to ask 100 professional detailers, you might even get 100 different answers. You might be surprised to learn ceramic coatings have pro’s and con’s. This article will lay out many reasons to use these SIO2 car care products and some of the dangerous pitfalls you face as a car enthusiast who wants to take pride in detailing their own vehicle.

First, we will look at a few of the most beneficial reasons to use a ceramic spray for cars. Based on industry and scientific recommendations. You should look for ceramic car sprays with at least 12 to 15% SIO2. The average spray currently being sold online contains less than 5%. It is the amount of ceramic in a product that is going to help seal and protect your paint and other finishes from UV, light scratches, bird droppings, rain and other environmental effects. The higher the amount of ceramic, the possible greater the protection will be.

Is Ceramic Spray Good For Cars? This debate has been going on for years

car medicOne of the primary benefits is that these type coatings will add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. These extra layers are not suits of armor or a miracle cure, but will add another layer where things such as dirt, break dust and other hazards from the elements are less likely to leave light scratches, swirl marks to your paint and finishes.

Next let’s talk about old Mr. Sun. Another fantastic benefit of a good ceramic coating for cars, is UV protection. Over time lengthy exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to fading and cracks in your paint, trim and other finishes caused by oxidation and drying. Ceramic will add extra shielding and repels the UV, locking in and sealing the pores in your paint and other finishes to protect from the sun’s damaging effects.

Now how many of us have detailed our cars and sure enough some bird flies over and decides to make a deposit. I do not know about you, but I get so frustrated because that bird decided to pick my car out of all the others nearby. Our feathered friends and those pesky love bugs have enzymes and high amounts of uric acid that can damage your paint by seeping in to the pores of the exterior paint and over time cause significant and costly damage. Again ceramic coatings seal your paints finish and is the smartest way to prevent this from happening.

No matter where we live, we all have a rainy season. Did you know rain contains minerals and calcium that can stain the paints finish on your car? We know you can’t stand outside all day with a microfiber towel to keep your car dry and rainwater off of it. So another great benefit of a ceramic car spray is its hydrophobic effects. Because of the sealing effect of an SIO2. This causes water to bead off and helps repel rain droplets and keep your vehicle dryer.

Now for all the bad stuff. We contacted our friends at Detail Medic who we have relied on to help us fill in the blanks for our investigative stories into this industry over the last year, to have them explain some of the downsides of a ceramic coating. I spoke with Mr. Griggs who is the CEO of Detail Medic. They are a car care manufacturing company and produce some of the best products available. Also having visited his company. I can personally tell you he has some of the nicest exotic cars I have seen and uses his companies products to detail them.

Mr. Griggs told us that your average consumer does not understand some of the technical nuances when it comes to SIO2 products. He then went on to say, a true professional grade coating typically requires a professional detailer with advanced skills to apply, can cost thousands of dollars and take several days of tedious pain staking work to correctly apply and accomplish the task.

According to Mr. Griggs, there are intricate processes that include. A top to bottom thorough washing, using an iron remover for chemical decontamination, clay baring, drying and then polishing before you even start the process of applying a ceramic coating. He went on to say there is a much easier and less costly solution. He stated Detail Medic manufacturers a ceramic car spray that contains 15% SIO2 and has a silky-smooth finish and gloss plus is a product specifically formulated for the do it yourself type customer and is very simple to spray on and apply.

So, is a ceramic spray for cars good for you? Maybe this article answered some of those burning questions you may have. Whether or not they are a good solution for you. I hope we have opened your mind and educated you to some of the pro’s and con’s of using an SIO2 product.