How to know if your car is American-made

Getting how considerably of a auto is designed in America is remarkably difficult. U.S. regulation demands that companies disclose info about the place autos and their pieces are built, but the points they disclose can be puzzling.

For example, U.S. car producing gets lumped in with Canadian labor since the two nations are so deeply intertwined in the provide chain. And components are sourced from international locations all above the entire world. To insert to the confusion, a single line of autos can be created in two completely diverse nations around the world at the same time.

Groups at buying web page and at American University’s Kogod University of Enterprise each publish properly-recognized lists ranking which cars are the most American-made and why.

Proprietors can notify a great deal about where automobiles are built in these a few methods: exploring the two lists, analyzing the window sticker on a new vehicle for sale and reviewing the car’s motor vehicle identification quantity.

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