Here’s How The Koenigsegg CC850 Manual Transmission Works

There are a great deal of elements that make the Koenigsegg CC850 a unique machine, but its transmission is a single of the most intriguing components. The gearbox has a clutch that makes it possible for a driver to function factors like a six-velocity manual. But, there is certainly also a slot in the gated structure that can make the transmission function as a 9-pace computerized. Engineering Stated shows how this complex setup will work in a new video.

Usually, a handbook gearbox has a clutch that the driver operates with his or her still left foot. Depressing the pedal and shifting the shifter makes it possible for for swapping by the cogs. 

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The transmission in the CC850 has seven clutches, and the program controls them electronically. When you go the gearshift, the technological know-how is managing the operation of one particular clutch. Meanwhile, your foot’s procedure of the pedal is modulating the sign to another of them.

The end result is a higher-tech version of change-by-wire. Technically, the operation is happening electronically, but the clutch operation is not just on or off. As a substitute, the pedal functions like a hydraulically assisted device. In principle, this means that driving the CC850 feels just like shifting any other manual gearbox.

There is certainly a D position on the right and below the reverse gear. Putting the gearshift below leads to the transmission to operate like an automated and use all nine ratios.

If you shift from D to R, then the CC850 goes into reverse with no needing to use the clutch. But, if you go from a single of the numbered positions to R, then the clutch is required.

To insert another layer of complexity, the manual gear ratios modify relying on the driving placing. In track method, the equipment that would be third in computerized method becomes the ratio for the 1st equipment place. The advantage of this is that the system selects the ratios that are most effective for the conditions.

The CC850 makes use of a twin-turbo 5.-liter V8 making 1,185 horsepower (884 kilowatts) on pump gasoline or 1,385 hp (1,033 kW) on E85. No overall performance specs are obtainable, but the car or truck need to be loads quick with so much ability.

Right after debuting the vehicle through Monterey Vehicle Week, Koenigsegg decided to boost the production of the CC850. Relatively than the unique strategy to make 50, the corporation introduced ideas to assemble 70 of them.

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