Ford files patent for remote-control trailer backup app

If you have at any time experienced to back up a trailer, you know it’s not the most intuitive activity in the earth. Acquiring the wheel instructions and steering just proper is just about an art kind that some have mastered, but that causes major worry for lots of. This is particularly genuine for new drivers, so to aid, Ford may be organizing a distant manage operate that lets proprietors to again up their truck and trailer using a smartphone application.

Motor 1 located a patent filing that dates to mid-July 2022. Through a series of diagrams and notes, Ford basically lays out a approach to use a smartphone as a distant command. The application would exhibit comprehensive digital camera angles and advice on steering inputs. Ford suggests the driver controls the steering angle by tilting the gadget. The full factor appears to be mighty sophisticated on paper, but the remote-management procedure of a truck and trailer will likely be a lot more intuitive for a lot of people than hoping to do all the things from the driver’s seat.

If the remote trailering application will make it to market place, it will be Ford’s second major towing support operate. The automaker currently gives a Professional Trailer Backup Assist procedure in F-Collection vans that permits manage of truck and trailer through a rotary dial in the dash. The driver turns the dial in the path they want the trailer to go, and the truck handles the rest.

People today with far more working experience towing in some cases like to poke exciting when other people have problems backing up a trailer. However, these forms of help units can provide tangible added benefits to folks with mobility and other troubles. Turning to back up a trailer is not doable for everyone, so a distant-handle choice might help towing for much more people. As well as, it appears to be like fun, so it may earn around the naysayers.