Ford BlueCruise Removes the Hands from Highway Driving

Do not confuse it with Blue’s Clues, the children’s education present, or a booze cruise, the younger grownup experience that is occurs when you incorporate a boat with tons of alcohol. No, this is BlueCriuse, Ford’s palms-free driving feature and response to GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot. It is offered on some 2022 F-150s and Mustang Mach-Es.

Long story small: it will work as marketed. Ford isn’t promising commuters the chance to catch up on Instagram on their push to work. But it is giving motorists the opportunity to reduce tiredness on the slog that is lots of Americans’ rush-hour push property. BlueCruise may well be capable to maintain the auto in a lane and a safe distance from site visitors in front, but that does not indicate it is driving. The driver nevertheless desires to shell out attention and be prepared to resume regulate if any variety of practically infinite possibilities come up that the computer just can’t compute.

BlueCruise, substantially like Tremendous Cruise, is geo-fenced and restricted to divided highways. Ford calls them Blue Zones, but know that it includes around 100,000 miles in all 50 states and southern Canada. Activate adaptive cruise command and BlueCruise can take more than the moment it has a fantastic sense of its surroundings. Ford leveraged the electronic instrument cluster to thoroughly modify its overall look when BlueCruise is active. This is one of the best makes use of of a electronic cluster and it avoids any confusion. There is a digital camera and two infrared mild emitters in the cabin to maintain observe of what you’re trying to keep track of. If your eyes wander much too lengthy from the undertaking at hand, which is driving, BlueCruise will shut down.


The system worked good for us. Only when we wore a mask and sunglasses did BlueCruise imagine we weren’t paying out plenty of notice. In addition to tracking eyes, the digicam tracks the full facial area. (We experienced a minder from Ford in the car with us and we were trying to be respectful.) Once we eliminated the mask, there wasn’t a one warning to pay out improved consideration.

We got to sample the Level 2 autonomy process in Dearborn, Michigan, whilst guiding the wheel of an F-150. The camera and twin IR emitters are absolutely integrated with the pickup’s sprint. In the Mach-E, nevertheless, there is a digital camera wart on the steering column. There is no relative restrict as to what velocity you can established BlueCruise to manage. We didn’t validate that the F-150 could achieve it, but we did set the procedure to 106 mph whilst cruising at 55 mph at the rear of a tractor trailer on the Southfield Freeway. We’re guessing the best speed of the pickup is 106 mph.

If you have a 2021 F-150 or Mach-e with the ADA prep pack, you can pay out a just one-time $600 cost to improve your motor vehicle to BlueCruise spec. This can be done around the air or at a dealership. One more above-the-air update—Ford phone calls them Electricity-Ups—that consists of an automatic lane-improve element will roll out at some level in the in close proximity to long term. For now, motorists will have to signal and initiate the lane transform them selves.

This is just one move of a lot of far more that need to occur on the path to complete autonomy. Ford is confident it will be set far more than 100,000 BlueCruise geared up vehicles on the road in the following yr.

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