Elon Musk teases Tesla Bot, humanoid robot for repetitive tasks

Tesla will make a humanoid robot known as Tesla Bot, CEO Elon Musk claimed on Thursday.

“We’re also very good at sensors and batteries and we are going to most likely have a prototype up coming 12 months that appears to be like like this,” Musk stated, soon after an actor in a physique accommodate designed to glimpse like the Tesla robot gyrated wildly on stage. He remarked that the actor was not a genuine robotic, but “the Tesla Bot will be actual.”

The announcement was made as aspect of AI Day, a sequence of tech talks hosted by Tesla in California to recruit machine studying expertise. 

The Tesla Bot is an instance of Musk’s showmanship, in which he announces that Tesla is operating on enjoyable solutions scheduled for many years into the long run to energize backers like employees, prospects, and traders. Usually, people bulletins will not come about on the timeline predicted.

For instance, at an ‘Autonomy Day” function in Apr. 2019, Musk stated the enterprise would have 1 million autonomous “robotaxis” on the street in 2020. People robotaxis are nowhere to be witnessed. In October 2016, Musk held an celebration at Common Studios’ back again great deal in Los Angeles to demonstrate off a item he identified as the Solar Roof. The solar roof tiles on display screen turned out to be simply conceptual.

If a humanoid robot performs and can conduct repetitive duties that only humans can do right now, Musk stated, it has the opportunity to transform the planet financial system by driving labor costs down.

Nonetheless, Musk warned that the robot “most likely will never work” at very first.

“It is really supposed to be welcoming, of training course, and navigate via a planet of humans, and eliminate unsafe, repetitive and uninteresting jobs,” Musk reported.

Musk explained the robot, code-named “Optimus,” is based on the exact same chips and sensors that Tesla’s automobiles use for self-driving features. It can be 5 foot eight inches tall, and has a monitor the place the head is for practical information and facts, Musk mentioned. Tesla is developing it so that people will be able to run absent from the robot or overpower it.

Slides exhibited by Tesla on Thursday exhibit that Autopilot cameras will be set up in the bot’s head. It will be capable to carry 45 lbs, elevate 150 kilos, and weighs 125 lbs. It can run 5 miles for every hour, Musk stated.

Musk reported the robot was not meant to help with Tesla’s production, but that Tesla is building a great deal of the computers required for robotics, so it makes feeling for Tesla to construct a robotic.

“It should be equipped to, you know, you should go to the store and get me the following groceries, that sort of matter,” Musk reported.