Daihatsu kei camper van heads to Tokyo Auto Salon

Daihatsu is heading to the 2022 Tokyo Vehicle Salon with a variety of modified cars and trucks. The event is recognised for its significant-effectiveness sports cars and trucks and extravagant luxurious rides, so how does a company specializing in kei vehicles and compacts stand out? By headlining a kei camper with a folding rooftop tent. #Vanlife!

The Daihatsu Atrai Deck Camper began out as a kei shipping and delivery truck for Japan’s slim town streets. It can be a noteworthy vehicle for becoming the only kei truck that has four doorways and a pickup-like mattress in the again. Not only that, but the two rear doors are of the sliding wide variety, and the tailgate folds open up 180 degrees.

Commonly, this would look to be a strike with refrigerator or grandfather clock repairmen, but Daihatsu sees it as the excellent camping car. The rooftop canopy appears to open and fold outward in styles that mimic the extra buttresses alongside the mattress. Supplemental expedition gear comes in the variety of a safari rack on prime of the tent shell, an LED light bar and what surface to be two pairs of auxiliary lights in a bespoke entrance fascia.

Daihatsu’s constructing four other vehicles for the Vehicle Salon. 1 is a more high-class variation of the fully enclosed Atrai van, fitted with a grille rivaling that of the new Silverado. Yet another Daihatsu HiJet kei truck is described as an assembly knowledge truck for the Copen roadster. Nevertheless we only have a cartoony illustration to go with it for now, it appears like you may be in a position to assemble the nose of a Copen in the truck’s bed.

Very last but not least, Daihatsu is displaying two variants of the revived Daihatsu Rocky. Gen X audience may remember that name from the Suzuki Samurai-esque off-roader that was marketed briefly in the U.S. from 1988-92. Not like its physique-on-body predecessors, the new Rockys are unibody compacts. The clearly show automobiles depict a luxury-leaning version and an off-highway version.

Should really Daihatsu at any time return to the U.S. current market the Rocky would in all probability provide nicely in crossover-insane America, but the actual MVP would be a production Atrai Deck Camper.

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