BMW Files Patent for Yoke-Like ‘Steering Handle” to Replace Wheel

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  • With self-driving cars at minimum on the distant horizon, automakers are pondering of strategies to transform the steering wheel. BMW’s latest idea is to transform it into a steering tackle that you can manipulate with 1 hand.
  • A large crossbar with two L-formed handles on both end is the fundamental form of BMW’s idea listed here, and the outside handles can rotate independently of how the centre bar has been turned.
  • The whole strategy here is to build a smaller steering wheel, one particular that would let riders in an autonomous motor vehicle the skill to examine a newspaper or look at e-mails. Yay?

    We’ll let you make your possess “reinvent the wheel” jokes. The subject matter is a recently found patent filing from BMW describing a “steering deal with”—basically, a strange very little yoke that feels like the next worst point to a standard wheel.

    BMW envisages this new wheel/cope with/yoke as some thing that would be employed in an “at the very least partly autonomously driving double-monitor motor car.” That’s patentspeak for a thing like a Amount 3 or bigger autonomous car or truck, in which a conventional steering wheel would just take up way too significantly place when the car or truck is in autonomous mode.

    bmw steering handle patent

    bmw steering handle patent

    BMW knows we will all want to place our guides and tablets in that room where by the steering wheel is now, and this is one particular partial alternative. Specially, BMW mentioned in the submitting that a take care of like this usually means “as substantially totally free room as feasible is to be supplied for the driver . . . with the result that he/she can examine a newspaper, for example, or can deal with e-mails, for example, by implies of a tablet or the like with the support of the display screen unit.”

    As the photos demonstrate, the in general layout of the steering deal with is a thick central segment with a free of charge-rotating grip on both side. BMW claimed in its submitting that when the motor vehicle is currently being driven autonomously, the central segment of the steering tackle would remain in a standard, horizontal position, “even when driving all around bends.”

    bmw steering handle patent

    bmw steering handle patent

    It’s the way that the manage would be utilized by the human driver, however, that is most intriguing. We have viewed other unusual yoke types in vehicles recently—by Tesla, most famously—but BMW’s is distinctive because of the exterior grips that can be moved clockwise in the steering wheel’s arc though your hand will not modify its vertical axis. So, as you shift your left hand from the 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock situation, it can continue to be with the thumb pointed upward, for case in point.

    BMW acknowledges that a individual could steer a auto that’s equipped with a cope with like this single-handedly, and that even if some sections of the deal with ended up folded in, it could nonetheless be made use of to maneuver the automobile. In general, irrespective of how unusual the grips make this yoke, the major concept right here is to shrink down the steering handle system, which BMW has unquestionably finished.

    The patent was initial claimed by CarBuzz, which also notes that the patent has been submitted in China and Germany, demonstrating that BMW is really serious about declaring this sort of style, even if simply just submitting a patent will not in any way ensure that the matter of the patent will ever be generated.

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