Audi RS Q E-Tron E2 is lighter, sleeker, ready for Dakar

One calendar year immediately after launching its series-hybrid RS Q E-Tron, Audi has a wholly redesigned design ready for rally raid gatherings. Aspect of the redesign is to fulfill new restrictions, but a great deal of the variations are for enhanced performance and performance. It really is all termed the RS Q E-Tron E2, similar to how the late Team B Audi Sport Quattro experienced the S2 suffix.

The design is the most noticeable location that has modified, and Audi notes that just about every exterior panel is new. It’s a little bit more time and broader, and the cabin is also very a bit broader. These are primarily due to the fact of new laws. But the human body has 15% much less drag than the outdated one. Significantly of this is due to the underside of the automobile, which now narrows at the entrance and rear concerning the wheels. Also, though the regulations now have a 100-kilogram increased minimal excess weight need, the E2 is lighter than the predecessor, as that was even heavier than the new body weight minimum. Audi noted that the entire body is also designed to have more effortlessly removed panels for support, and wheels that are less complicated to tackle.

Audi failed to give electric power specs, but the powertrain is a identical set up to the outdated RS Q E-Tron. It has a gasoline motor for a generator, a large-voltage battery, and a pair of electrical motors that travel the wheels. Audi has modified its energy administration, and has labored on performance. It has a new air conditioning technique that operates intermittently to help you save ability as effectively as to reduce an difficulty the group experienced with freezing coolant. And that additional aerodynamic system also increases performance.

The off-roader will be competing in the 2022 Morocco Rally and the 2023 Dakar Rally. 

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