A Visual History of the Toyota Camry

1983–1986: Initially Generation (V10)

Launched late in the 1983 model yr, the Camry served as a substitution for the Corona. That compact sedan, together with its lesser sibling, the Corolla, had served Toyota become the leading-offering import model in the United States in the mid-1970s. Toyota utilised a new identify, Camry—derived from the Japanese phrase kanmuri, that means “crown”—to differentiate this new entrance-wheel-travel 4-doorway sedan from the rear-wheel-travel design it changed. The corporation viewed as its most recent development its initial legitimate entry into the compact-car section, positioning the Camry versus motor vehicles these types of as the Chevrolet Citation, Ford Tempo, Chrysler’s K-cars, and, of study course, the Honda Accord. That previous model would go on to turn into the Camry’s closest rival.