60 Best Gifts for Men 2021

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life can be complicated. While there are a few standbys that you can always count on (a trusty pair of socks, for example), you should feel excited about whatever you’re giving — and more importantly, you want him to be just as happy. No matter what you’re celebrating — his birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or another special occasion — go with something tailored to him and your budget. Get all the inspiration you need by taking a look at this list of the best gifts for men, which includes ideas for all the important guys in your life: your grandpa, dad, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend, and so on.

While we’ve included a few classic presents on this list (who wouldn’t love a brand-new indoor grill?), you’ll find a range of unique ideas, everything from personalized Etsy picks to top Amazon gifts for men that you can order at the very last minute. With so many options to choose from, it’s best to consider who you’re shopping for before you start scrolling: the beer lover who finds any excuse to crack open a cold one, the golfer who’s always out on the green, the at-home cook who can’t keep out of the kitchen, or the outdoorsman constantly seeking adventure. Then it’s time for you to break out your wallet and start shopping.


A Gift for You, Too

Sleep Aid Device

Even the night owl needs his rest. With a touch of a button, this little gadget helps him fall asleep naturally in eight or 20 minutes, depending on his current sleep habits. 


If He Loves to Spend Time Outdoors

Portable Campfire

Forget lugging firewood to the campsite — he can get the same experience with this 8″ portable campfire. Spark a flame with a match to enjoy three hours of burn time a.k.a. just the right amount of time for ghost stories, s’mores and more.

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Because Practical is Best

3-in-1 Charging Stand

This nightstand-friendly charging stand will keep his three most-used gadgets — smartphone, AirPods and smartwatch — in the green. Since this sleek stand doesn’t come with chargers and cords, you might as well use this moment to refresh his stash. 


Get It Delivered to His Inbox

All Access Pass


Cooking with Gordon Ramsay may sound too good to be true, but that’s why MasterClass exists. Give him a class or annual subscription and bring the world’s foremost experts in music, movies, art and cooking right to him with video lessons and easy-to-follow workbooks. 


Unique to Your Guy

Urban Map Glass

He’ll toast to his favorite city — Chicago, Portland or another home away from home — whenever he drinks from this etched whiskey glass.  


Something Fun to Do Together

Hookey Ring Toss Game

He can hang this outdoor game in the backyard and the whole family will want to play all summer long. Come wintertime, he can move it indoors to keep the fun going.



NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Set

He may not have the equipment to build an actual space shuttle, but with this LEGO set, he can feel like he’s on NASA’s payroll. It also features the Hubble telescope and display cards. Our lead engineer exclaimed this was one of the best Lego builds she’d seen to date, enjoyable and incredibly detailed!  


More Thoughtful Than a Basic Six-Pack

Beer Subscription

Giving him a six-pack of his favorite brew is fine and all, but a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly delivery of 12 hand-selected craft beers is a more unique way to encourage him to crack open a cold one. 


If He’s the Guy Who Has Everything…

Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

Doesn’t everyone wish they could have a personal massage therapist? This is the next best thing. Ease his tension at the end of the day with this back, neck and shoulder massager.


11-in-1 Credit Card Tool

Slim enough to slide right in his wallet, this multi-purpose tool is a bottle opener, screwdriver, saw, ruler, wrench and more. It even comes stored in a faux leather sleeve to keep it nice and secure. 


Custom Vinyl Record Print

Think of a song that means something to him — the one you played during your first dance, perhaps? — and send it to this Etsy seller. They’ll turn it into a unique print, customized with the message and colors of your choice. 


Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws

Wrapped around his wrist or belt, gift your go-to handyman this magnetic strap that keeps screws, nails, bolts, and washers organized and accessible.


Watch Club Gift Card

Watch Gang

We get it: It’s hard to decide if he’s more of an Armani Exchange or Fossil guy. After signing up, he can tell Watch Gang the look he’s going for — leather, gold, diamonds and so on — and let them take the guessing out of it. The end result? His new favorite accessory. 


Feels Like Luxury

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Pinpoint any trouble spots with this massage gun. Switch between five intensity levels and eight heads to tailor the massage to different areas of the body — tight shoulders, sore calves and so on. 


Morse Code Bracelet

Engrave a special message on this bracelet in Morse code that only you two will understand. Consider it your little (stylish) secret. 


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Since he can’t find a hot sauce to meet his spice standards, why not give him a kit so that he can make six bottles of his own? He can mix and match cayenne, ancho, curry and chili spices until he finds the perfect blend that packs just the right amount of heat.


Wood Phone Docking Station

He won’t be asking you if you’ve seen his wallet anymore with this docking station! This stand will help him keep his phone, wallet, keys and other important items organized in one place.


Hot Sauce Sampler Pack

Spice it up with an assortment of seven tongue-tingling hot sauces, from mild Garlic Herb to mouth-searing Ghost Pepper. You’ll probably see them on almost every gift guide for men we have, because they’re that good.


New York Times Custom Football Book

The key to winning the next game of sports trivia? This hardcover book, which is packed with 70+ pages of the highlights and lowlights of his favorite NFL team’s history straight from the New York Times archives. 


Relative Insanity Party Game

This card game is both insanely fun to play and a chance for him to dunk on insane relatives. It might just be the party game he’s always needed.


Indoor Electric Nonstick Grill

The apartment dweller in your life will appreciate this compact 14″ grill, which quickly grill meats and veggies indoors without any hassle. And if he’s usually on dish duty, he’ll be glad to know that the grill is completely detachable and dishwasher-safe.


Pizza Socks Box

These cheesy socks come in an actual pizza box for your pepperoni-loving pal. Or if you’re feeling extra generous, you can spring for a whole pie. 


Men’s Subscription Box

Thanks to you, he’ll get a box full of goodies each month — no questions asked. Each subscription box comes packed with everything he needs for a polished look like a leather watch, wallet, silk tie, and dress socks.


Tile Pro

He can clip this tiny device to anything he loses regularly — his keys or wallet, for example — to help him track down his valuables on his smartphone when he inevitably loses them.


Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If he’s a big whiskey lover, consider getting him this set. A real whiskey fan knows it shouldn’t be watered down, and this set includes whiskey stones that won’t melt so he can enjoy the complete taste.


Genetic Ethnicity Test

If he loves going through old photos and talking about his family history, give him a DNA test so he can learn even more about his heritage. 


BottleLoft Magnetic Strips for Beverage Bottles

Here’s another genius storage idea that clears up space in the fridge: these neodymium magnet strips are strong enough to hold a six pack of your favorite beverage bottles to the refrigerator roof.


Travel Laptop Backpack

With a padded interior for his laptop and plenty of additional storage space, this sleek backpack will become his go-to work and weekend carry-all.


The Bacon Crate

He isn’t an average guy, which means he shouldn’t waste his time eating average bacon from the grocery store. Included in this wooden crate, he’ll find all the fixins’ for flavor-packed bacon, as well as sweet and spicy bacon jerky.  


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Even the biggest movie buffs will find a few flicks on this list that they haven’t watched yet. But they can also make a game out of it: Before they fire up Netflix, they can pick a square to reveal their nightly watch until they scratch off all 100 options.   


Personalized Socks

He’ll want to wear this monogrammed gift to any and every occasion. The socks come in a pack of five, which means he’ll be set for an entire work week. 


Weighted Blanket

Better than your average blanket, this weighted version supposedly relieves stress and makes for a better night’s rest. Choose the color, length, and weight (12 -30 pounds) that best suits him and his needs.

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The Organic Cotton V-Neck Tee

This men’s t-shirt doesn’t look like anything fancy at first — but when he feels just how soft the cotton is, he’ll never want to take it off. 


15+ Serving Indoor/ Outdoor Electric Grill

Get him the grill he can take with him whether he’s inside or outside. With an easy-to-remove stand, this George Foreman grill works just as well at the tailgate party as it does on the kitchen countertop.


Wilderness Art Print

Tide him over until his next hiking trip with a vibrant forest print. This piece measures 8″ by 10″ — perfect for an empty nook or a frame by his desk. 


Personalized Airpods Case

Although you can’t ensure that he’ll never lose his Air Pods again, this custom case will at least help him make sure he doesn’t mix up his headphones with yours. The black, brown, or tan leather case even comes with a clip, so he can attach it to keychain, backpack or pocket. 


Star Wars Patent Poster Prints

More library-friendly than his tacky movie posters, these blueprints outline Star Wars’ best —X Wing, Snow Speeder, TIE Fighter and AT AT Walker — on vintage-inspired paper. 


I Paused My Game to Be Here Shirt

As painful as it may be for you, this shirt speaks the truth. For a well-rounded gift, package it with a new game for his PlayStation, XBox or Nintendo Switch. 


Beard Bib

Once he suctions this apron to the mirror, he won’t have to worry about clogging the bathroom sink while keeping his beard looking trim. That means it’s a gift for you, too. 


Sock Subscription

With Sock Fancy, he can have fancy feet all year long. Each month, he’ll receive a pair of crew or no-show socks (it’s up to him) in a mix of bold colors and patterns. 

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Bicycle Multi-Tool

Don’t let him cycle away empty-handed. This compact repair kit packs in all the essentials — a variety of hex wrenches, multiple screwdrivers and more — to keep his bike in mint condition. 


Echo Dot 4th Generation

Alexa has received an upgrade: This smart speaker from Amazon has a new look and sound, but all the same features that he knows and loves. He can ask Alexa random Q’s, connect it to his other smart devices, or use it to play his favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks. 


USB Wall Charger

Now, he has no excuses to not pick up your calls. This compact docking station can charge six of his gadgets at once, so he never runs on empty. 



Winter weather may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean outdoor movie nights are off-limits just yet. Point this projector to any blank wall or a king-size sheet to see movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and more on the big screen. 


Men’s Tree Dashers

These aren’t your basic running sneakers: Made with a unique knit crafted from eucalyptus trees, these eco-conscious kicks are also extremely lightweight and breathable. While they’re meant for the treadmill or trails, they’re also stylish enough for day-to-day wear. 


USB Keychain

He won’t need any additional cables or cords to keep his device fully charged — just use this keychain’s USB charger to give compatible gadgets an on-the-go power boost. For an added fee, personalize the leather keychain with his first initial or monogram. 


Woodcut Memory Game

It’s more than a game, really: All of the cards in this deck feature Bryan Nash Gill’s beautiful woodcut prints. Chances are, he’ll be mesmerized by the tree’s details, but try your best to convince him to break away for a fun game of memory. 


Freezable Glasses

He shouldn’t have to settle for a beer at room temperature. With this set of freezable beer glasses, he’ll be able to sip on a brewski at his ideal drinking temperature a.k.a. cold.


Brewing Coffee Bottle

Give him what he needs to make a delicious iced coffee at home. All he has to do is fill the glass bottle with water, add coffee grounds to the strainer and give it a good shake.

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Men’s Woven Vital Workout Pants

Meet the perfect workout pant: They’re lightweight enough to keep him cool while he’s pumping iron without being as restricting as compression pants. Plus, the slightly tapered leg is totally appropriate to wear outside the gym.


Air Fryer Max XL

Your guy was skeptical last Christmas, but he’ll get the hype as soon as learns that countertop-friendly gadget can make a mean batch of chicken wings and sweet potato fries (his diet staples) in minutes. The 3.7-quart square basket will even come in handy during his Sunday meal prep. 

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Loved by Amazon Shoppers

Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

Some people need total darkness to sleep, others need some background noise. Your guy, however, needs both. Luckily, this sleeping mask blocks out light and can connect to his phone or laptop with Bluetooth to play his favorite tunes. 



IQ Self-Empty Base Robot Vacuum

Because how often does he really vacuum? Now, he doesn’t have to worry about it thanks to this robot vac that will do all the work for him, including self-emptying dust and debris into a dust bin. 


Countertop Stone Pizza Oven

Whenever his craving for pizza kicks in, he can simply whip up his own. The dual heating elements and  built-in baking stone deliver a crispy crust and perfectly-melted cheese. 


Delish Loves Disney: An Insider’s Guide

He can take a FastPass to Disney World with these recipes, inspired by the sweet and savory eats served at the park. Soon enough, his kitchen will become the “happiest place on Earth” — especially if masters the Grey Stuff (if you know, you know).


Turbo Set

Each and every morning, he can take a trip to one of three National Parks. All of their unique characteristics are translated into the coffee’s flavor: Arches is rich and complex; Zion is a slightly-sweet dark roast; and Sequoia is light and fresh.


Bird Brew Seed Feeder 4 Pack

Now, he can crack open a cold one with his winged neighbors. Even though they resemble a brewski, these bottle-shaped birdseed cakes contain absolutely no alcohol — we’ll leave that up to him. 


The Fragrance Duo

Russell Wilson and Ciara created a fragrance duo inspired by their love story, and now you can experience it with your beau. There’s a woodsy cologne on one side and floral perfume on the other — a sweet symbol of your relationship, wouldn’t ya say? 


The Trio of Knives

Every at-home cook needs a sharp set of knives to dice, mince and slice with ease. This trio, which Material Kitchen calls “the holy trinity,” can tackle just about everything in the kitchen, whether he’s carving a roast chicken (8″ knife) or shaving chocolate (serrated 6″ knife). 


The Daily Routine Set

Just like the name implies, this skincare set will become a part of his daily routine. The four-piece set is made with bald men in mind: All of the products can be used on the face and scalp, including the cleanser and sunscreen. 

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