$6.7-Million Arkansas Mansion Has Its Own 1.2-Mile Race Track

If you’ve got ever had to vacation to a racetrack, you are going to know it’s not straightforward. Most tracks are located out in the middle of nowhere, various hrs from the closest main city. Do you threat driving your temperamental vehicle to the keep track of, or fork out for a trailer and a rig? The journey is always a hassle. But what if the monitor times came to you? That’s the plan powering this large assets in northwestern Arkansas, complete with a mansion, infinite room for car or truck storage, and its possess racetrack.

1691 S. Useless Horse Mountain Road is a 393-acre property that sits nestled on the outskirts of Fayetteville, a town in the vicinity of the border between Arkansas and Oklahoma. Bordering the gigantic 7764-square-foot dwelling is a 1.2-mile paved asphalt racetrack that features 3 massive correct-hand sweepers, switchbacks, and a pair of hairpins. The structure reminds us a lot of Lime Rock Park.

The five-bedroom, 6-tub house, which sits on the back straight, is stuffed with amenities including a gym, a theater, a bar, and a massive kitchen. At the finish of mentioned straight is a pull-out street that potential customers to a gigantic storage facility, entire with two-put up lifts and enough house to retail outlet as several race vehicles, trailers, and RVs as your heart wishes. There’s also a entirely different visitor dwelling. The complete residence is powered by photo voltaic panels, producing it the largest privately owned solar advanced in the location, according to the listing.

The estate is currently outlined on Realtor.com with an inquiring cost of $6.7 million. Sure, it could possibly be smack-dab in the middle of the state, but we even now feel you are having a ton for your income. How lots of people can say they wake up and go 10/10ths on their own non-public observe in advance of breakfast? Not a lot of.

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