2022 Rivian R1T vs. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs. GMC Hummer EV Pickup

The 2022 Rivian R1T has arrived, ushering in the period of the manufacturing electric pickup truck. The Rivian testimonials are in, and spoiler warn: They are quite great. Curious how the new battery-run truck stacks up to its forthcoming competitors? Properly, you’ve got occur to the correct position.

Rivian beat all of Detroit’s huge automakers to sector in the 50 %-ton phase, but probably not by the margin the startup would have appreciated. Ford’s respond to is the F-150 Lightning, which is due to enter generation early up coming yr, coming scorching on the heels of GM’s initial entry into the house – the GMC Hummer EV pickup – which is scheduled to occur off the line late this slide. Though all 3 are pickups, they’re aimed at distinctly distinct customers, as a perusal of their specifications will reveal. Let us have a glimpse, shall we?


Disclaimer: Before we dive in on this 1, we might like to notice that even though we’ve created our most effective work to validate the specs delivered, the Rivian is brand-new and the other individuals are however in the prototype stage. Some of these figures could be inaccurate or may basically modify ahead of creation. This is all hypothetical until eventually you can basically cross-shop them anyway, appropriate? Interesting. Close disclaimer.

Let us commence with the powertrains. They’re all battery-electric powered trucks engineered on a modular rear-wheel-push configuration engineered to accommodate (theoretically, in any case) up to four electric generate models. Rivian in fact helps make the most use of this with a quad-motor set up manufacturing 835 horsepower and 908 pound-toes of torque with its higher-output preliminary product. GMC’s three-motor Hummer has the R1T beat with its believed 1,000-horsepower output, even though Ford’s (also three-motor) comes in with a far extra modest 563 horses. This is an exceptional illustration of our above level that these are not all engineered for the identical group. Ford’s F-150, which will come in at a decreased rate issue, is intended to be significantly more mainstream, as its electrical power output suggests. 

This theme continues when we glance at the dimensions. Regardless of the picture “Hummer” might conjure, GMC’s entry truly desires the shallowest parking room. The Rivian is right driving it, with the operate-truck-spec Ford extending far more than a foot for a longer period than either. What the Hummer lacks in length, it would make up for in girth. It really is the widest by a excellent 5 inches. The Rivian is only slightly pudgier than the F-150, but it really is considerably closer at that finish of the scale.

Unfortunately, we you should not know enough about these vehicles to genuinely speculate as to wherever everything will shake out in regards to fat and dealing with. The Rivian is absolutely large at close to 7,280 kilos, but neither Ford nor GMC has fully commited to a closing body weight determine. It has been instructed that the Lightning will weigh approximately 1,000 pounds far more than the EcoBoost model of the F-150, or all-around 6,500 lbs . total, which would surely be in the ballpark. The Hummer, in the meantime, is confirmed to weigh a lot more than 9,000 lbs, which is staggeringly large. 

Within, the Hummer offers the most spacious front seat, specifically for individuals with long legs and torsos. All those with wider shoulders and hips show up to be Ford’s perfect buyers, with Rivian bringing up the rear straight throughout the board. All 3 trucks utilize powertrain architectures that allow for a supremely roomy taxi, so none will be compromised in relation to their gasoline cousins. 

As we said up prime, these are three distinctive trucks for 3 various consumers. We are not sure which method will resonate the most, but in this truck-thirsty sector, we suspect each individual will come across its area of interest. 

How they examine in photographs

2022 Rivian R1T


2022 Ford F-150 Lightning