2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line Long-Term Update | Charging on the cheap

Just one of the essential positive aspects to electric auto possession is the skill to charge it at residence, but that’s an arduous system if you will not have your very own Level 2 charging setup. As we pointed out (to some social media controversy) when it arrived, our 2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line AWD failed to even arrive with a normal 110/120-volt charging cable. As some rushed to stage out, that omission is largely irrelevant to those people who are already common with the present-day EV ecosystem, but it is uncomplicated to relate to those people who obtain it puzzling that a automobile that demands plugging in will not ship with the requisite plug. What is this, a quality smartphone? 

But this is the thing: Charging a pure EV on a conventional 3-prong outlet is painfully worthless at greatest. If you’re on the lookout at extended-expression EV ownership, you want an at-home Stage 2 setup — 1 that can supply a sound 30-40 amps on 220/240V AC. Appears high priced, right? It really is not, in fact. All you want is an electrician, a couple of inches of bare wall in a effortless parking spot and a charging cord of your preference. 

Yep, just a wire. Even though there are considerably far more sturdy solutions on the market place, there’s no need to have to dive that deep into the complexities of charging machines. Hardwired setups have their pros, but they’re expensive and no far more foreseeable future-evidence than a considerably-considerably less-high priced NEMA 14-50 to J1772 (the regular Degree 2 plug) cable. If you’ve got finished a lot RVing or trailering, NEMA 14-50 is most likely familiar to you. That’s the major, honkin’ 50-amp (that’s why the 50 in “14-50”) service outlet you’d use to plug in your Winnebago. RV, fulfill EV. 

I uncovered all of this myself not long ago immediately after acquiring a new (to me) property in the Metro Detroit ‘burbs. My semi-detached garage arrived with only the really fundamentals for an more mature workshop. If you’re lucky, you have now bought a subpanel (or a major panel near by) and satisfactory headroom in your major feed to permit for growth, simply because you happen to be likely to will need a significant new dual-pole breaker to offer your NEMA 14-50 outlet. What you see above is the least complicated, most immediate way to do this: an outlet connected virtually specifically to the panel. Offered you have a close by provider panel, a setup like this can be thrown jointly for just a pair hundred bucks.

If you might be functioning with a detached garage or workshop (or want an out of doors charging stand), items get extra costly, but not genuinely any much more challenging. Outside plugs must be weather-rated and built into “in-use” housings (people that seal above the plug whilst it can be in) and, relying on your code, will likely demand GFCI both at the breaker or the outlet. Your electrician can support you decide what is actually most expense-efficient, as these products upgrades can conveniently double or triple your cash outlay if you just suppose highly-priced normally signifies better.

But at the time of publication, the serious X-element is the value of copper wire, which has been off the charts recently. In my circumstance, I put in as considerably to insert a 2nd 14-50 outlet at the significantly stop of my garage as I did to insert the sub-panel and initially plug. To be distinct, this setup is not meant to demand a number of motor vehicles concurrently, but just to permit some parking flexibility, which can be even further augmented with a for a longer period charging cord. In my case, I went with a relatively standard, 18-foot cable I observed on Amazon with decent evaluations — at half the rate of a mainstream “charger” (the well known JuiceBox 40 expenditures $699, for occasion).

And that’s all you have to have. No extravagant wall box, no in-garage Wi-Fi extender to make guaranteed my “clever” set up can communicate to the relaxation of the world that is all unwanted. The devices involved expenditures no more than a couple of hundred dollars, and for someone like me, it’s a common set up that will provide me well no matter what I’m assessing. Effectively, unless of course it can be a Tesla. I am positive Elon’s PR people will be devastated. 

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