2021 Goodwood Revival Was a Living, Breathing, Moving Museum of Classic Cars

Ditting’s DB4GT, shared with professional driver and classic car qualified Sam Hancock, was a single of numerous in the paddock. But this is more magic of the Revival: when I informed yet another colleague about it, he requested me, “Have you been to the parking great deal? There is certainly possibly yet another 6 DB4GTs out there.” The Revival is the only car or truck occasion I’ve ever been to in which I was asked continuously, “Have you been to the parking great deal?” A auto display in by itself, where by house constraints enforce the democracy of a gaggle of MGs and Triumphs parked with classic and modern Porsches, Jaguars, BMWs, at the very least a single Ferrari Dino, and a three-wheeled Reliant Bond Bug. On Friday and Saturday, these treasures sat on the filth. On Sunday, when it rained, they sat in the mud.