1991 Honda Accord EX Sedan with 394,057 miles

Honda started using six-digit odometers on its American-current market autos in the 1982 design year, extended following Mercedes-Benz and Volvo but properly prior to most Detroit brands acknowledged that most cars and trucks would very likely exceed 100,000 total miles through their lives, and Hondas have constantly held together really nicely. This implies that I verify the odometers of any 1980s/1990s discarded Hondas I see during my junkyard travels, in the hope that I am going to obtain a person with an exceptionally large closing odometer examining. That research resulted in this fourth-technology Accord that almost achieved the 400k-mile mark through its three-10 years vocation, found in a Northern California car or truck graveyard.

We’ve witnessed some Hondas with notably superior last odometer figures in the Junkyard Gems collection, including a ’93 Civic with 300k miles, an ’89 Civic with 308k miles, a ’95 Integra with 342k miles, and an ’83 Accord with 411k miles. In point, it is really strange to discover a junked Honda item with less than 150,000 miles on the clock (though most of the automobiles manufactured all through our present century have electronic odometers that cannot be go through in the junkyard with out taking heroic measures, so I might be viewing some doomed lower-mile late-model machinery devoid of understanding it).

These cars tended to rust speedily in regions with winters entire of street salt and summers comprehensive of swampy humidity, but this was a San Francisco Bay Place motor vehicle that, presumably, invested most of its existence in California (still not far too close to the ocean, which can outcome in some actual corrosion horror stories).

By the early 1990s, the Accord had been out there in America for 15 decades — acquiring a 6-12 months soar on the Camry — and was firmly set up as a wise auto that would maintain going for a lot of decades if dealt with very well.

The “taken care of effectively” aspect is critical, which is why most junkyard cars and trucks I discover with absurdly high miles seem thoroughly clean and well-cared-for. There are exceptions, of course, but the sort of vehicle owner who normally takes care of all the maintenance items on the dot also tends to preserve the auto in good beauty condition. That is undoubtedly the situation here the inside exhibits light upholstery and some injury brought about by junkyard customers, but no indicators of abuse or neglect.

Given that this auto is a next-to-best-trim-stage EX, it has a 2,156cc straight-four building 130 horsepower. The Accord SE got a hairier edition of this motor with 140 horses, although the lowly DX and LX Accords acquired just 125 horsepower in 1991. Us residents couldn’t get an Accord with a V6 until the 1995 product 12 months.

Do you require a manual transmission to get earlier the 300,000-mile mark? Not at all!

Honda began producing Accords subsequent to their bike plant in Ohio all the way back again in 1982, but this a single started everyday living at the Sayama Automobile Plant in Japan.

“One of the most remarkable attributes of the Accord is its ability to transport you to the long term.” Modern Junkyard Gem absolutely attained that feat.

Inadequate Danny, sharpening what may be a new Mazda MX-6, is about to discover that the Accord topped the American automobile-revenue charts once again.

By natural means, this era of Accord bought much better marketing in its homeland.

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