1986 Nissan 200SX with 309,222 very hard miles

Nissan began offering Americanized variations of the Silvia in this article in the 1977 model yr, badged as the 200SX. Geared up with a five-speed transmission and AM/FM stereo as standard products (the two stunningly expensive possibilities on most vehicles at the time), the initial 200SX was a superior price in an very affordable rear-wheel-push activity coupe. This ongoing with subsequent generations of the car the 1980-1983 S110 version bought moderately properly on our shores and its 1984-1988 S12 successor (now sporting Nissan badges) competed straight-up towards the Toyota AE86 listed here and used quite a even though as a frequent sight on American roads. Modern Junkyard Gem is just one of people now-exceptional S12s, a automobile that lived a very long and eventful daily life, enduring a unpleasant downward spiral into utter decrepitude prior to ending its days in a self-services yard around Pikes Peak.

While I come across plenty of discarded Toyotas and Hondas showing far better than 300,000 miles on their odometers, a junkyard Nissan exhibiting that kind of closing mileage is a lot more abnormal (even though I documented a properly preserved ’87 Maxima that came shut to the 350,000-mile mark a pair of years again, and loads of 1980s Nissans exhibit up in motor vehicle graveyards with well in excess of 200,000 miles). Though there have been noteworthy exceptions, most big-last-mile automobiles I discover look incredibly clean and well-preserved, no question because homeowners need to be fastidious about upkeep in buy to get any vehicle — no issue how very well-built — past 200k territory. 

These is not the case with this Nissan, which achieves a incredibly large reading on the Hooptie-O-Meter. We are going to begin with the rear glass, which has been changed by plastic sheeting affixed with a number of strata of glue and tape.

The alternative “glass” is thicker substance than what you commonly see with this type of industry-expedient fix, and recurring apps of tape, glue, and paint made it semi-weatherproof. Whoever did this operate intended it to last for a lot more than a handful of months, nonetheless evidently held deep philosophical convictions about not spending genuine cash on motor vehicle repairs.

The right-facet mirror lost its original glass, so a huge blob of what appears to be Liquid Nails was used as a mount for a thrift-retail outlet makeup mirror. You have to admire this sort of put up-apocalyptic ingenuity.

The passenger-side doorway take care of failed lengthy in the past. So what? You only have to have one particular functioning door (and this kind of issue could be a ton worse).

The ignition lock has been punched out in most brutal fashion, enabling the auto to be started out with a screwdriver. Regardless of whether this modification was done by robbers or an owner pissed off by the expenditure of a missing ignition critical will have to remain a mystery to us.

The inside is really icky, but the have on and tear appears to be much more like a gradual descent into squalor fairly than the intentional problems you see with autos whose final owners know they’re the final entrepreneurs.

Decades of arms resting on this spot on the driver’s-side door panel have worn the panel all the way down to the steel.

By some means, the optional manufacturing facility aluminum wheels stayed with this auto to the stop.

This is the 2.-liter CA20E straight-four DOHC motor, which available 102 horsepower when new. I suspect it was making lots of less horses by the conclude.

A 4-speed automatic was obtainable for an additional 500 bucks (about $1,295 in 2022 dollars), but this car or truck has the sturdier five-speed manual.

When new, this was deemed a rakish and sporty equipment. The MSRP for the 1986 Nissan 200SX hatchback came to $9,999 for the base trim degree and $11,099 for the snazzier XE (about $25,885 and $28,730 now, respectively). The Corolla AE86 GT-S liftback expense just $9,428 that year, and it experienced a 10-horsepower edge about the 200SX.

A V6 grew to become available for the 1987 model calendar year, even though the 200SX-obtaining demographic remained unchanged.

Who’s got the goodies? Nissan!

This home-marketplace advertisement for the 1986 Silvia emphasised its tasteful layout.

I should acknowledge I choose the more frantic JDM Silvia promotion.

That includes Karizma!