1985 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo Highlights the Shelby-Mopar Era

From the Oct 1984 challenge of Automobile and Driver.

Score one particular for people near-lipped Chrysler engineers and mechanics who hold better observe of their beery conversations with us at the local watering hole than we believed. There we had been, on 1985-model preview day at the Chrysler Proving Grounds, driv­ing a pretty genuine, output-ready turbo­charged Shelby Charger. We were about as unprepared for this blessed occasion as any self-respecting, well-informed, inquisitive automotive journalist could be.

We are not stupid. We know that Chrys­ler’s been jogging stuffed Shelbys all over the test keep track of and through the wind tunnel for around a yr. We just did not know when, if at any time, the authentic deal would come to go. We could only visualize the outcome of a road battle among the lighter-by-200 pounds again-alley Shelby and the techno­logically “top-quality” Daytona. With equal turbo engines, the more costly Dayto­na would of course be lunch meat for the feisty Shelby. Would Chrysler really permit that situation perform on Key Avenue, U.S.A.?

Dick Kelley|Vehicle and Driver

Apparently, some verrry persuasive products planners confident the marketing sorts that the Daytona proprietors would be residence obtaining a excellent night’s sleep when the Shelby poor boys headed out to participate in. The prepared midnight-snack menu would, in its place, contain the likes of the Pontiac Sunbird Turbo, the Toyota Celica GT, the Renault Fuego Turbo, the Datsun 200SX Turbo, and Mitsubishi’s Cordia Turbo. So Chrysler decided that the entire world was large enough for each a Daytona Turbo and a Shelby Turbo.

The 2.2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder is far better than at any time this year, with an elec­tronic waste-gate manage capable of allow­ing 9 psi of improve for 10 seconds, soon after which it settles again to 7 psi. The added force ups the turbo’s horsepower rating from 142 to 146 in full-strengthen manner. How very well does the Shelby deliver all that electricity to the ground, you question? After a couple of lightning laps around the proving grounds in a pre-creation prototype, we would say that the company’s 7.6-next -to-60-mph assert is solely plausible. Assess that with the ordinarily aspirated Shelby’s nine-next time, which we ran up the flag­pole and saluted in April 1983.

1985 dodge shelby charger turbo

Dick Kelley|Automobile and Driver

Slipping the compact 2.2 turbo into the Shelby’s more compact engine bay was accom­plished with relative relieve. The front-box part of the Shelby’s frame and the en­gine mounts were being strengthened to face up to the elevated torque loads, and the hood was bulged to accommodate the air cleaner. In addition, many Daytona Tur­bo items ended up modified for battle responsibility in the Shelby: a larger-potential radiator, larg­er rear brakes, upgraded internal transmis­sion areas, a extra successful firewall heat shield, and shortened variations of the chas­sis and engine wiring harnesses.

The most vital parts car­ried around from the Daytona to the Shelby were equivalent-size driveshafts, an excellent respond to to the torque-steer dilemma. No terrible undertow threatens to sweep the Shelby’s front wheel out from beneath con­trol when the gasoline pedal is goosed Carroll’s motor vehicle is as straight and accurate as its more so­phisticated mentor.

1985 dodge shelby charger turbo

Dick Kelley|Vehicle and Driver

The Charger Turbo is the only Shelby for 1985, and its new picture impressed the progress engineers to tighten up the relaxation of the minimal avenue rocket’s act. Modifications to the internal valving of the electricity-steer­ing unit boost its previously exemplary sense. The spring charges are recalibrated, and gas­-pressurized shocks show up at all four cor­ners the blend is a remarkable im­provement about final year’s harsh ride good quality (assuming the prototype here is true to generation). Unidirectional Good­year Eagle VR50 205/50VR-15 tires re­place 195/50s. Even the seats have re­ceived consideration, in the form of much more sup­portive backs and side bolsters and supplemental lumbar padding. About mid­year, the Shelby will also get the new Lanc­er’s dual-rail 5-pace manual shifter to swap the existing, slightly balky shifter.

As a package, the Shelby Charger has hoed a very long row from its 1982 tumble debut as a crude but effective boy racer. Nonetheless its marvel­ous feeling of purpose—pure, unadulterated efficiency for beneath $10,000—is stron­ger than ever. Claims the Shelby Turbo’s primary champion, Ken Mack, main product plan­ner in demand of subcompact and specialty automobiles, “It is an extension of the primary Shel­by philosophy: If you want to go speedy and you really don’t want to devote a large amount of funds, the Shelby Charger is for you. Basically mentioned, it presents much more bang for your buck.”

1985 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo
Auto variety: front-motor, front-wheel-travel, 5-passenger, 3-doorway sedan
Estimated foundation cost: $9200
Motor form: turbocharged inline-4, iron block and aluminum head, Chrysler digital gas injection
Displacement: 135 cu in, 2213 cc
Electrical power: 146 hp @ 5200 rpm
Transmission: 5-velocity manual
Wheelbase: 96.5 in
Size: 174.8 in
EPA Gasoline Overall economy, town: 19 mpg