1979 Chevrolet Camaro Cop Car Is Today’s BaT Auction Pick

    • This 1979 Chevy Camaro was painted as a California Freeway Patrol vehicle for a law enforcement chase scene in the 1982 movie, The Junkman, directed by H.B. Halicki, who also wrote and directed the 1st Gone in 60 Seconds in 1974.
    • Compared with the 1979 Camaro Z/28 examined by the CHP for pursuit use, this a single uses a 130-hp 305-cubic-inch V-8 and a three-velocity automatic transmission.
    • This auction ends Tuesday, Could 3, with the current bid sitting at $2100 as of Friday.

    This might be the to start with time we’ve observed a Convey a Trailer listing for a car with a gun mounted to the passenger footwell, and this 1979 Chevrolet Camaro only receives extra uncommon the nearer we look. This California-Highway-Patrol-painted Camaro was used in the movie The Junkman, a 1980s action film composed by H.B. Halicki, the exact same director responsible for the initially Gone in 60 Seconds. The Camaro has surely witnessed some motion. The paint is light, the sprint is cracked, and the valve handles are rusty. Not to mention, it has the probable to be in a genuine police chase, offered California’s stringent guidelines against cars resembling legislation enforcement automobiles.

    1979 chevrolet camro

    Carry A TRAILER

    Even with out deploying specific weaponry, that chase would likely be more than very rapidly, as this Camaro employs Chevy’s LG3 V-8, a 130-hp, 305-cubic-inch motor with a two-barrel carburetor. And it really is bolted to a three-velocity automatic transmission. Evaluate that to modern 400-hp twin-turbo Ford Police Interceptor Utility, and it’d be like viewing a mountain lion chase a Koala.

    According to the California Highway Patrol, the section tested at the very least a dozen 1979 Camaros for law enforcement use, but they opted for the Z/28. They utilized greater brakes and had been provided a CARB exemption that permitted an greater leading pace for triple-digit felony chases. During this Special Goal Auto Review method, most of the modified CHP Z/28 Camaros knowledgeable engine failure, and the section in the end resolved the Ford Mustang was a much better alternative for pursuit do the job.

    1979 chevrolet camro

    Provide A TRAILER

    This listing only seems the component. Some of the machines on this pretend CHP is everyday. Its black 15-inch wheels are wrapped in Nexen all-season tires up entrance and Goodyear Radial T/As in the rear. In the trunk, among the the road flares and radio wiring harness, sits a new full-size spare. The odometer reads 26,000 miles, but the vehicle’s true mileage is not known. We don’t care, we just want to perform with the spotlights and the siren.

    It’s considerably from pristine, but it was in a freaking H.B. Halicki movie! And motion picture cars offer a ton of enjoyment in spite of their quite a few imperfections. They’re typically disguised, sliced, taped, and rattle-canned ahead of remaining catapulted by a brick wall or pushed into a lake. This Junkman Camaro is no Batmobile, but it is really even now very rad. And among the the other just about 600 auctions on Provide a Trailer, it stands out as a motor vehicle that runs and drives for under $2500.

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