1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia Hardtop

Alejandro de Tomaso offered the Carrozzeria Ghia coachbuilding and layout agency to Ford in 1970, and not several a long time passed before Ford dealers all around the entire world were offering Ghia-ized autos to the masses. Sure, all the things from the Fiesta to the Granada (equally the American and European versions) got Ghia badges and touches of Italian-influenced luxurious and fashion. The Mustang II was not still left out of the Ghia party, of class, and I have observed this option-stuffed ’77 Mustang Ghia in a Denver self-provider property.

In accordance to the develop sticker and buck tag, this car is a Ghia Hardtop, created at the storied River Rouge plant (now regarded as the Dearborn Truck Plant) and sold out of Denver. The paint is Gentle Aqua Metallic and the vinyl 50 percent-roof (now scraped off) was Aqua as well.

Of course, this is a car or truck that was delivered straight from Dearborn to Denver, after which it was marketed at Fordland on 6th Avenue in Lakewood (now the web page of Larry H. Miller Ford). That means that this Mustang will be crushed in just a handful of miles of the places where it was unloaded from a train and offered new nearly a 50 %-century back. Did it spend any time residing outside the house of this place? We’ll under no circumstances know.

The interior is completed up in Aqua Media fabric and Corinthian Vinyl, and it seems that Ford was applying the phrase “Corinthian” for upholstery lengthy before Chrysler famously did so with the Cordoba.

The primary consumer of this automobile did not slice corners in the selections division. The base engine in 1977 was a Pinto four-cylinder rated at 89 horsepower, with the 93-horse Cologne V6 out of the Capri as the first step up. This car, nevertheless, has the major 302-cubic-inch (5.-liter) Windsor V8, which designed a mighty 139 horsepower. The price tag tag on this engine extra $294 to the charge of a $4,096 automobile (that is about $1,390 and $19,365 currently).

A 4-on-the-ground guide transmission arrived typical if you needed the 3-velocity SelectShift computerized, it charge you $248 (about $1,173 in 2021 dollars).

The serious large-ticket order on a ’77 Mustang was the air conditioning, a quite high-priced luxury merchandise throughout the Early Malaise Era. The salesmen at Fordland extracted 443 bucks (all over $2,095 now) for the refrigerated air in this automobile.

Yes, it was possible to get an AM radio with 8-monitor tape player back in these darkish days of motor vehicle audio, and which is just what this motor vehicle has. The price: $192 ($908 soon after inflation).

Add the Mach I “styled metal wheels with trim rings” and all the other goodies and you can see that the alternatives on this motor vehicle possibly included 50% to the out-the-doorway value, as soon as the unique buyer signed on the line which is dotted. That’s how automobile-getting was, for the most element, in 1977 America.

The Mustang II was based on the Pinto, generating it light-weight and gas-efficient as opposed to the portly Mustangs of the early 1970s, and Ford sold additional than a million of these cars and trucks throughout their 1974-1978 profits operate. 43 yrs right after the ultimate Mustang II rolled off the line, I still obtain numerous of these vehicles in major self-company yards. In reality, it’s a lot easier to obtain Mustang IIs in the big yards than it is to locate junked Fox Mustangs today.

It is really a ton simpler to make a Fox go quickly than a Mustang II, which points out aspect of the cause so numerous Mustang IIs are allowed to facial area The Crusher, but the Mustang II’s real image problem comes from its Pinto bloodline. Although loads of enthusiasts enjoy these vehicles, they are not many enough to preserve each neglected Mustang II from doom.

As a remaining indignity, very hot-rodders no for a longer period find out the entrance suspension parts from V8-geared up Mustang IIs for their jobs. A couple a long time ago, this stuff would have been yanked in minutes of the car’s physical appearance in a boneyard’s stock … but these days you can buy aftermarket copy kits that look improved underneath your gow career.

By 1977 expectations, the Mustang II was in truth a sweet-managing auto.